Apr 21, 2010

* A Crab Race

Have you come across people who can't seem to care in improving themselves but at the same time, despises those who do? Unfortunately there are so many out there and I personally know a few and am getting so sick and tired of even having a conversation with these sort!! Not only do I have to accept you for your choice of not wanting to do better, I have to listen to you bitch about others who do? Reminds me of the CRAB story my Tutor in Grammar Class told us couple of weeks ago. Here it goes:-

It climbs up a tree with its fellow crabby friends and once one reaches the top, it turns around and helps lift the one below it to climb up as well.


It climbs up a tree with its other crab members and once one reaches the top, it KICKS the ones below it so as to be the only one at the top.


They all climb up together, and once one is at the top, the ones below, starts to PULL the one at the top and makes it fall.

Which Crab are you?
Apparently there is a colour to these crab, RED BLUE and BLACK but to which race it goes to, I honestly forgot.
I may be an Indian, oh Sorry Malaysian First then Indian, but, I for one believe in pulling up the ones below me and pushing up the ones around me!!

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