Apr 14, 2010

* I am Malaysian First then Indian?

Lately there has been much talk on which one comes first for you.

Are you Malaysian first then your race or your race first then a Malaysian?

As much as I have always looked at myself as a Malaysian first then Indian (since I was very very young to be frank), I somehow don't have the faith that this is how my country looks at me!

I have nothing to say about the 1Malaysia policy, basically because it's just a name sake policy not just to me, but to many Malaysian out there.

I love my country very much, and have in many ways been proud to be a Malaysian despite the many times it has failed to be fair to those deserving. Then again, who is perfect in this world that they can say they were constantly fair?

I sure hope my country remembers how much its people truly cared and cares for it, and work on maintaining that!!

God Bless you Malaysia!!

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