Apr 28, 2010

* Judging by Zodiac Signs

I know it is very wrong to judge a person before getting to know them well enough, and even then we shouldn't judge them at all, because everyone is unique in their own special way.

Then again, how can you not judge someone?

I believe the reason you do judge another is to remember what you are dealing with.

People come in all sorts of packages.

Some are so fantastically packed where else some aren't.

I personally judge a person by their ZODIAC SIGN.

Yeah yeah, I'm Catholic, I shouldn't believe in all this.. tell me what rules of being a Christian have you not broken?

Well I come from a family that has always been in tune with personalities and attitudes based on zodiac sign.

With the years of experience my family and I have had, we've become quite the expert at being right about someone based on their birth sign. In fact, we've even become such a pro that we know how to link their zodiac sign to their Chinese zodiac to be even more accurate of a person's character. We got this from personal experience and obviously reading too.

A person doesn't fall far when you really look at them based on what sign they are.

No matter what background the person has in their upbringing and exposure, they still fall in their very own zodiac pool.

I use this judging to avoid the signs I know I cannot get along with, to avoid unnecessary pain or irritation. I keep them in their place, and knowing their sign guides me on how to deal with them, personally or even professionally.

Believe it or not, I can tell what sign the person is by just a few hours of being with them, and most often I am 90% right!

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