Apr 23, 2010

* Karate Kid

Only today did I google to see if the guy acting as Archie in Ugly Betty's Season 3 was Ralph Macchio or not! Yeah I know and the season is close to end. My forgetfulness is what this is. I somehow miss the cast list at the start of the show for some reason or another.

Anyway, Ralph Macchio was my childhood HERO!!

Yeah, I even had a poster of his from the movie Karate Kid (in my book of course-the walls were off limits).

This Karate Kid was so cool, and even today if you asked me to watch those movies, I so would!!!

I never thought I would see him acting again, and to have him in Ugly Betty, my favorite series, is simply awesome. Call me crazy, but somehow I sensed it was him when he first appeared as Archie. I guess that Hero is still stuck somewhere in my head till now after 13 years and he's still so cute :P

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