Apr 13, 2010

* Like Mother Like Daughter

Very often we see how daughters to a family become what their mothers are, and it is actually a cycle that most often is unavoidable.

You become what you have been thought to be.

If you have a mum who is positive and nurturing, you become positive and nurturing. If you have a mum who is independent and strong, you become that too.

If you have a mum who is kind to everyone around her and has many people loyal and sincere to her due to her attributes, you will reap the goodness of it too.


Exposure. If you are exposed to happiness, kindness, generosity, independence, confidence, and most of all LOVE, you become an adult who takes on the world with the best outlook because you we were nurtured that way.

Over the past weeks, I have been in contact with quite a number of people, and without a doubt, I can confirm that positive people come from positive mums and vice versa.

Yes there are those who try not to be influenced by the rottenness of their upbringing, and some claim not to turn out bitter as their mothers, but honestly, no matter what and sadly too, the fruit doesn't fall far away from its tree.

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