Apr 16, 2010

* Lucky in Love?

Love makes the world go round? I don't know how far that's true but it certainly can make your head spin! How many out there are so lucky in love, to have the first person they love be the one they marry and depart from at death? Yeah many wish for such luck, but unfortunately not many are as lucky in this aspect of life.

Ok, I'm not here to talk as a LOVE Guru, but the fact that, those who so happen to be lucky somehow think they have the right to belittle those who aren't. They take this holier than thou role upon others and it can seriously be annoying (only God knows what they are truly hiding away from everyone else :P )

Do you think anyone has the right to condemn another for having a failed or many failed relationships or even marriages?

To be tagged as a flirt because people had no idea you were changing boyfriends only because you haven't found the right one, or no one has found you to be right for them? Well looking at things on the surface level, I think we need to watch what we comment on anyone else when it comes to relationships and marriages.
No one is perfect, no one will ever know how it is to be in the shoe of another, but we all know this one thing, not everybody is lucky in love.

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