Apr 16, 2010

* Rock somewhere else lar!!

The Maxis Rocks On! USB Modem was one hell of a hit in sales I think last year. Well done Maxis, but I wish to share one doink-i-fied experience I encountered about exactly a year ago. I went over to Maxis Customer Service Counter in Mid Valley, to return my old modem as I had registered for a new one with a better savings plan and faster speed. My should have been only 10 minutes or less service got me waiting for the CS Staff for almost an hour because there was this couple who insisted they got this ROCKS ON! MODEM of Maxis, as that is what they want!!!

No stock? Not their problem, they were so persistent in making sure the CS Staff called out to every other outlet till they got one. One hour later, and still none available, I obviously stepped in and gave a piece of my mind. Something I feel I should have done sooner than after an hour!!!

Some people can be such a pain in the arse for others!! Talk about the height of kiasu-ness, Oh My GOD!!!

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