Apr 26, 2010

* So what if he's the BOSS?

Most often, we hate our bosses for apparent reasons and only a hand full of people get bosses that are qualified to be one in every aspect.

If you have worked in the public sector (as I have), you will know that your bosses may have once been your colleague and sometimes very unfortunately could even have been your junior in service.

The problem that arises with such a boss is that, you have worked with them before they got promoted, and if this person has had an excellent track record, you are sure that this boss will be respected, even by you, but what happens when their past as a normal staff was rotten crap, and suddenly because he has enough years of service, he has passed the exams, and gets a promotion as your boss? You are sure to remember all the flaws and slacks that was done when he was a normal staff like you and finally this very same person becomes a boss and starts correcting others for mistakes he so freely did when he was an ordinary staff will surely piss the living daylights out of you?

How would you feel?

Would you listen to him?

Would you change your working attitude? (well what was he before he became the boss? who the hell does he think he is?)
Sadly, most of the staff would despise this new boss and unfortunately, that new boss can only hope people forget his wrong doings as an ordinary staff and respect him as a boss now. Then again, people never forget your past, in fact they would be more than glad to remember it for you isn't it?

If he is lucky his staff would only talk behind his back, with words like "kacang lupakan kulit!" or "Tak sedar diri la jantan tu!" and much more.. but these days bosses like these get it right on their face and it's really a sad state of life!

May be the people who want to accept a promotion should look at themselves and see if they are worthy of it.
Better still, be a staff with integrity and professionalism so you would not have to be stabbed for any wrong when you do become promoted some day.
Everyone should think ahead in their career in the aspect of work ethics, especially if you are in the public sector or else just be prepared to be shot down by those below you!!
(Check out this site on how to manage a boss.. I found it to be very entertaining..

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