Apr 19, 2010

* To Make Up or Not to Make Up

Why do women put on make up?
Is it to hide a hideous face?
To enhance a gorgeous look?
A hobby?

A habit that makes one dysfunctional without?

Well what ever the reason may be, too much is certainly not the answer, and none doesn't make you any glamorous.

Most women, make themselves up to look radiant and fresh and yes, colours make the world a happier place, but unless you are a clown, you might want to take it easy.

Those who don't use any make up at all, are either lucky to have a fantastic skin, that glows and radiates constantly, or are just living in denial that they don't need it to look better. Though most of these sort that I know of could do the people around them some justice by not looking like sleepy heads from dusk to dawn!

The next thing is when should you make up?

When you need to go to the grocery store or to the mall?

When you have a hot date? A party? Work?

Well some people fall in the category of "TAK KENAL TEMPAT!"

I wonder, why some would put on make-up just to go to the 'Pasar Malam' or to the supermarket just to buy some coffee powder. What's your purpose, really?

It makes you feel good?

Shouldn't a shower alone that leaves you smelling fresh be the answer if you are going to go to the supermarket? Better still, shower when you come back from places like this as you come back stinky anyway.

So what's your big idea of making-up?

I don't like wasting my compact powder or foundation, lipstick and eyeliner and most of all my TIME if I was just making a trip to the local SPEEDMART.

For an activity like that, my make-up-less face is good enough.

Personally, my making up effort would be for a more deserving reason, place or company.

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