Apr 26, 2010

* Treat it manually!!!

I have just about had enough with the attitude of so many on the road!!

People who don't stop properly at junctions but just peek to their left and right and still move out of the junction even when the passing vehicle is probably just 2 seconds away from smacking right into them.


Best part of all is these vehicles are manually geared vehicles. Motorbikes, cars and lorries!

If people who drive manual cars hate changing their gear when at a junction, why the F*** buy a manual car? These nuts choose not to change their gear or start back from gear 1 hence their refusal to come to a complete stop at points where a complete stop is no longer an option but a must!

You wanna bang into someone.. go bang yourself into a tree and don't drag others to doom because of your laziness!!

Want to Macho so much, get off the roads and show your bloody machoness else where.. the road isn't for your parade.. and treat your manual car exactly the way it should be treated, by stepping on your brakes and changing your gear! That isn't an option for you!!!

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