Apr 22, 2010

* What's happening to American Idol?

I have been an ardent follower of the American Idol show since it first started in 2002. Why I watch it, well for the 2 distinctive reasons, Simon Cowell and the top 10 contestants. So what happens now that he's leaving the show? Sadly, before he can even do that the show is already going down a ditch. Amongst all the seasons I personally feel this season's the worst. The contestant all sound like local pub singers, and the comments that are being sent out by the 4 judges are pathetic! Have they lost it? or have they lost it?

Even Ryan Seacrest has lost his impressive sense of capturing the audience with his used to be good hosting.

Is it the show or is it just me?

May be I have turned disappointed with the show since Adam Lambert's loss.

May be last year with Adam in it, it was just too marvellous a performance that it has reached a point none can beat it? It sure beat Bo Bice and David Cook's year.

May be Simon Fuller should just come up with something else and scrap this AI away, extending the show for another 3 years would seriously require a miraculous change in the contestants to have it going, well at least for an audience like me!

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