Apr 14, 2010

* Yes Anyone But Not Everyone!

It is a privilege to many these days to have the opportunity to further their education at the convenience of their time and most of all finances. With the many Universities that are open for working adults, anyone can look into advancing their education for higher qualifications that can help them in their work force or just for personal satisfaction.

There are courses for almost everyone in almost every field, and all one needs to do is to meet the requirement of entry and that too is made flexible so that senior citizens and those who had poor grades in school, could still work their entry by sitting for general knowledge paper and interviews, known as an OPEN ENTRY.

Let me now get to my point.

As easy as this is now available, some people do have the perception that it has no standard!

Anyone can enrol into these Universities!

Anyone can get themselves in a Degree/Post Graduate course!

Yes that is TRUE.. ANYONE CAN! but don't forget not EVERYONE GRADUATES!!

So to those whom I have heard throwing their "ah! there got that university, go join only la! anyone can get into there!" remember as easy as it may be for you to say that, it's not as easy as you think it is to graduate after 4 or 5 years. Many who study these way are not full time students that just need to concentrate on their studies and nothing else.

Don't look at the entry as a guarantee to a graduation.

Don't "ah" away when you speak about furthering education to someone else especially when you know for a fact many who do a FULL TIME course and go through the whole MALAYSIAN UPU system or pay a bomb out of their parents/siblings POCKET can't pass and obtain a certificate either.

I look at these Universities as a Blessing to the many who had no chance or was not equally given an opportunity for studying when they applied after school. I look at it as an opportunity, not as an "AH.. there can go there la, anyone can join!"

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