May 3, 2010

* (Mum+Toddler)kg - (Mum)kg = (Toddler)kg

I like to watch the 'humour' that takes place around me especially when it's to kill time waiting for something; like today while waiting for my medication at the A&E of a private hospital.

Sitting with my son, shivering away in the air con with my fever, I couldn't help but watch this lady who dropped her mother, child (patient) and maid off with almost 4 paper bags of things, and had a little quarrel with the security guard as to where she wanted to park her c200 Merz!
After much telling off, she finally decided to move her car from the entrance of the A&E and still broke the parking rules and parked at a NO PARKING area of the drop off only zone.

Then she gets into the A&E, writes the name of her child on the paper for admin purpose, looked around the A&E like she somehow owned the place, gave a million instructions to her poor over bagged maid, and decides to turn to the receptionist and screams "WHY AM I WAITING FOR SO LONG?" (Barely 5 minutes to be exact!) Just as the nurse called for the 1st line investigation.

Following hospital SOP the nurse asked the mother of the toddler:

What's is the problem?
To which she screamed - Fever LA!
How many days?
Since yesterday and she rolled her eyes!

Another nurse took the temperature of the kid which turned out to be 38.6C
The woman asked WHAT? 38.6? HAH!!! AYOH!!! So high ha!!!!
(that's the fault of the nurse is it?)

The nurse asked again " What's the child's weight?"
She said some figure and then said she's not sure.

This is the best part... so the nurse asked the mother to carry the child and stand on the weighing scale, and then minus the weight of the mother...

The woman went hysterical...
"Ayoh this is not correct lor... you cannot weigh the child like this one ma.. this is not correct.. the weight won't be right..."

I couldn't stop laughing.. how is it NOT RIGHT? It wouldn't be unless her kid was micro mini of a weight that minus off from a macro would make it inaccurate. She refused to do it, until a senior nurse came over to the table, and questioned what was the issue?

That nurse gave the woman a short science lesson, and this lady did what they wanted her to do, but her mouth certainly never stopped. Insisting that the A&E should have a baby weighing scale. Hey your kid isn't a baby by the way!

If only she knew what a BLOODY FOOL she looked and sounded like!!!
No wonder she drives a c200 with the registration plate WTF!!!
How appropriate!!

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