May 19, 2010

* Why can't Pizzas just be Pizzas??

I don't think I speak this way because I'm pregnant and food just becomes difficult for a pregnant woman, but seriously what's the deal with Pizza Hut's promotions on their junky pizzas?

Have they seriously gone out of their mind?

Their latest Fish King Pizza with 8 fish sticks with crab sticks, cool lime and mayo cream in a pizza? Is this supposed to be a pizza or what?

Not enough when you do eat their pizzas, with just one bite of the slice, the entire cheese topping rips itself off along with that bite, can you imagine this weight as a topping coming off altogether?

What's next? Nasi Lemak as a pizza topping? Side choices would be sotong sambal, telur goreng or ayam rendang in mozzarella cheese?

Good Lord!!!
The Italians should have copyrighted their dish!!

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