Jul 21, 2010

* Feeling illegal!!

And so it has happened again.. I have once more forgotten my handbag, and this time in PD heading back for KL. The first time, was when I had forgotten it in a Chinese Restaurant in PJ heading off to PD and only to have realised it after reaching my destination.

I blame it not on my forgetful memory (though I can still recall how my mum hated having to ask me where I left anything as I would always answer "I don't know", well give me a break I was a kid... may be I still am), but the fact is that I wasn't driving to have the car keys in my bag, which usually helps me in making sure I carry it off when I do leave a place.

Well, since I'm not blaming my inborn forgetfulness syndrome shall I blame PD then? Haha

Anyway, now that I don't have any of my documents at hand, I totally feel like an illegal immigrant, then again, even when I had them with me, people were able to blabber that "we" are immigrants (if get what I mean)! At least they decided not to use the term "illegal"! Stupid.. Stupid..

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