Jul 12, 2010

* The return of the Jedi

Sorry I just had to make it dramatic.. Jedi? Who am I kidding?

I'm back to my blog and yes the "A" I got for my Critical Writing paper in my January Semester, just motivated me to write even more..

Yeah I finally saw my results, all because I was just too lazy to go pay the balance fees for the sem and since I deferred May, I thought I could just relax and not bother about studies...

Anyway, besides dropping dead due to a blissful shock from seeing my results, I have my little booties - Arron Julian in my arms now.. well not now now, he's asleep now.. but yeah our latest edition is home with us, came 4 weeks earlier like the rest of my angels.. and with everything I've gone through for this delivery, I'm all better thanks to God, and I'm all geared up for getting back into my routines.. Studies, gym, kids, home and LIFE to its fullness!!!

Praise God for everything he has given us!!

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