Jul 30, 2010

* Women Are Peacemakers??

When you read this statement over and over again in a book, which was what happened to me, does it get you thinking, if it's right to say that "Women Are Peacemakers," as stated by the author of the book. Or do they just disguise themselves and make people especially men believe that they are?

No doubt there are many out there who certainly deserve this title.

Some very famous women, and some may just be our own mums, sisters or friends.


Sadly, I know a few who appear as peacemakers only because they've manage to make a puppet out of their husband or children to do the dirty conniving job for them, hence they appear like such sympathetic helpless women, who, when approached with a disturbing matter, would pretend not to know what's the root of the issue, because the root hides inside of them! May be these women are just simply smart at delegating the job!

I've also witness women who drive their husbands up the wall to clean up a mess they've cause for themselves.

In fact I have also had the "liberty" of knowing several others who deliberately chose to walk into another one's marriage with eyes wide open.

To add some more, as if the above aren't enough, there are women who place false accusations on others just to get comfortable with their life. I'm sure they would call this 'SURVIVAL!'

I'm certain that I am not the only one who has witnessed all this.

There are many of you out there who stand on this very same ground as I am right now, wondering, this very same question, are Women really peacemakers??
Are all women deserving of this general noble statement many make for our race??
Will the world be a better place if it was ruled by women?

May be yes, may be no.. that all depends on who that woman might TRULY be!!!

So I guess right now to set this matter to rest, I shall just conclude that this Author, is so very blessed not to have come across the "DISGUISED".

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