Sep 28, 2010

* My Sour Flour Achievement

It may seem lame for some that I find it super great to have finally made tosai by myself, but it honestly is a big thing for me. To be brought up pampered by the culinary experience my mum constantly served my palate, making tosai myself after she's taken everything sensible for cooking with her into the grave is definitely a huge thing.

Growing up enjoying her Indian cooking, I sadly took it for granted as to just sit back and consume, and not really care to try and do it with your own hands or educate myself with her skills while she was still alive. Plus there's always the Indian restaurants available for my crave.

This is something many of my friends have agreed with me. Us taking our mum's kitchen skills for granted.

What made me want to do this, was really because of my kids.

Since I had the chance of enjoying hot homemade tosai on weekends as a kid thanks to my mum, I wanted my children to have it the same.

Not some trip to the Indian restaurant where I either have to pack it back or consume it as an overpriced dish, honestly I'm tired of it, the crowd, the filth and a bomb for a bill.

After watching how they enjoyed it very much, tosai straight from the kitchen to their dinning table, in the comfort of their own home, and asking for more and better still asking if I could still make even at dinner though the flour mixture finished for breakfast itself, that's the sign! The sign of my achievement, not the task of making the tosai, but the demand for it from my little fans.

More Indian dishes to attempt to, and I'm most definitely looking forward to myself doing it.

Sep 24, 2010

* My Left Hand Is As Good As Dead?

I have come across many who say that their left hand is as good as dead, and rightfully so it is.
Being AMBIDEXTROUS which means having the ability to use both your hands, the left and the right (yup.. I'm also wondering why I had to tell which hands.. as if there were any other haha) is something apparently rare.
Usually 1 in 100 people are Ambidextrous and even rarer if they are right handed who can write with their left because most things are built for the use of right handed people.

Anyway, today my son brought me his Nintendo with a game he didn't understand, asking for my help, and when I looked at it, it was a game to TEST YOUR AMBIDEXTROUS LEVEL by non other than the maker of Nintendo games Shigeru Miyamoto. He was the man who made the famous Super Mario games along with many others and was an Ambidextrous himself.

Well I don't mean to brag, but being that 1 in 100 that the scientists claim sure feels good.

There certainly is much more I could do with my ambidexterity other than to be able to write a complete essay with my left hand, beat batter at high speed for my cakes, and best of all, slap someone as hard as my right hand could; I just need to keep on discovering them.

Sep 17, 2010

* Please Pee in the POT!!!

You would think that living in a civilized world, with the modern facilities of almost anything and everything just at the tip of one's finger, one would know how to use a toilet right? Well think again!

Yesterday at Sunway Pyramid, my kids needed to use the washroom, and so we did. As we got out of our toilet, a very stylish "mother" of 2 comes in in a rush, pulls down her son's pants, lifts him up as tho he was going for an anal examination and made him piss in the hand wash basin meant for kids!!! Exactly!! You can have all your thoughts of what the F**** was she thinking by doing that right?

My son had his say for it as well. He walked towards that woman and said "THAT'S FOR WASHING HANDS NOT RURIN (as in Urine)" but the woman couldn't give a damn, just carried on with her indecent parenting skill and tactfully rinsed the sink with water and rushed out. Pulling her sons in each hand.

What is this world coming to I wonder? I can't believe we're living among people who don't know the difference between a toilet bowl and a sink in a public wash room!!!

By the way.. the wash room had 10 cubicles and they were all empty!!
After witnessing this, never more will I let my kids wash their hands in the sink of a public toilet, how ever posh or clean the place may look, which means, more wet wipes and hand sanitizers in my hand bag. Only God knows how many sickos like this woman are out there!!!!

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