Nov 28, 2010

We Went To Neverland And Saw Peter Pan!!!

Thanks to AMBP, I had the chance to catch Peter Pan in Neverland at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater last Friday Night (26th Nov) in the Grand Premier Show along with my Pixie Girl, Isabelle. We were indeed very excited to catch the show, and the entire process of getting ready and getting there was by itself enjoyable.
Collecting our complimentary tickets from the AMBP booth and heading our way to the Amphitheater, we were greeted by some horrifying spooky characters, who gracefully walked out dead from the Scream Park. Oh did I mention, we had a chance to see the Night Lagoon, Sunway has to offer the Public, and one of the many activities you can indulge in at night at the lagoon is the Scream Park. It's like being in Michael Jackson's Thriller Video!
The walk to the Amphitheater was nice for two reasons, it was with Belle and the view of the lagoon - the lighting past the suspension bridge was beautiful!
As we reached the gates of Neverland, we did therituals of every musicals and theater shows Belle and I have attended - the purchasing of the official t-shirt and the photo shoot at the official photo stand which along with the tickets would go as an add on into our Theater Scrap Book!!
The show started an hour late, as they had to wait for the crowd to come in, but the wait was worth the while.
It started off with Wendy playing in the snow on Christmas Eve by the Big Ben and the scene just took off from one to another with songs and dancing that kept the audience at the tip of their seat for the next in line, well at least it did for us. What I liked the most was the Pirates! Captain Hook and his troop did some pretty impressive dancing that got my feet tapping along!! Watching Peter Pan with Wendy, Captain Hook and his Pirates, the Lost Boys and yeah Tinker Bell was simply amazing!
The West End Production and Sunway Lagoon Malaysia, did a fantastic job with the musical, from the performance to the stage setting, it was worth watching!!
After the show, Belle and the rest of the children in the amphitheater had a special chance to take photographs with the cast. It was really nice to see the kids rushing up the stage to get a shot of themselves with the talented crew.
Lastly, the 800 over guest at the amphitheater were bided farewell with a
great downpour! So as we ran under the rain for the Pyramid, we still had our smiles plastered on our faces for we caught Peter Pan in Never Neverland!

Nov 24, 2010

I'm Invited!!!

AllMalaysian Bloggers Project(AMBP) has invited me to attend the Grand Premier of Peter Pan the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon's Amphitheater this Friday 26th of November!!! And the best part of all is I get to bring a friend along and it's going to be my bestest friend ever!!! My daughter Belle - My Pixie Girl!!!
Thank you Star Online and a huge thank you AMBP!!!

The Deathly Hallows

After watching Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Part 1, yesterday with Belle and CJ, and hearing about the Tale of the 3 brothers which JK Rowling had written about, I became very wishful in the fiction land I must say.

Since the 3 Peverell brothers asked for gift from Death to avoid being killed for figuring a way to cross a river, I somehow wish I could have those same 3 gifts they got.

Here's why:

1. The Elder wand:
To change what I wish to in my life, and those around me.

2. The resurrection stone:
To bring my parents back, have them meet my 3 lovely kids, and hug them real tight, tell them I love them and say THANK YOU for being my parents and then letting them go back to rest in peace.

3. The invisibility cloak:
I would so wear it and go slap the living day lights out of the people who successfully seem to piss me off, especially the ones who love blaming others for their own self inflicted misfortunes!! They won't know what HIT them and that's definitely satisfying!!


Well yeah.. it's just wishful thinking..
I don't really wish to be the Master of Death by possessing all these 3 items known as the Deathly Hallows.
I just believe I am allowed to enjoy a blissful fiction moment once a while, right??

Nov 18, 2010

Late bloomers

Many of us were late bloomers ourselves, but somehow expect way to much from our kids for some apparent reason. Could it be because we somehow feel our kids need to achieve what we did not? Get what we didn't get as kids? or is it competition we have between other parents to keep our face up high?

I remember being a late bloomer myself. In school, rarely I got to be in the top 10 position after exams, but this was not the case when I went to uni. I realise the many times I have seen a flip in my achievements as I grew older.

Should we ignore this and expect our kids to be excellent from the start, or should we 'cut them some slack' and let them enjoy life and school at a balance and not judge them for things they may not achieve as well as the others?

We need to just make sure our children have a strong foundation to their knowledge in school and a wide experience to the world around them. All these, along with good grounds for civic sensibility, success will definitely be theirs.

Then, when they do come back with an achievement, it will truly be one worth being very happy about, and not just an expectation!

The things we put up with?

What a woman puts up with, in life is truly enormous. If you actually list it down, I'm sure it can go a mile long. Let me list a few and see how long it could go with explanations.

1. We put up with our parents as kids especially during our teens and early 20s, because we could never understand why they kept saying NO to what we wanted to do. Our fun was always wrong to their eyes?

2. We put up with our teachers, because some were unable to see how capable we truly were and most of them favored kids who were naturally smart of made intelligent by tuition teachers instead of themselves.. it's easier to educate smart kids?

3. We put up with our enemies in school, in university, at work because somehow they don't see eye to eye with us, and if we could kill them we would but we just tolerate them so that we can carry on with life?

4. We put up with our siblings. Come on! No family is perfect, and no one can say they never had a conflict or a misunderstanding amongst themselves. If they do, they must truly be saintly beings or living in complete denial?

5. We put up with our noisy neighbours. They somehow think, sound doesn't travel through walls and fail to realise how they drive their neighbours up the wall especially when you want to take an afternoon nap? Or could it be that we put up with their irritating dogs?

6. We put up with our spouse because as much as we love each other, we are not split from the same nucleus and since "till death do us part" we kill ourselves to being with each other?

7. We put up with our in laws because we just want to please our spouse? If not we would have long time flushed them down the toilet bowl?

8. We put up with friends who are friends that think they have rights to comment on our lives, and think they somehow know us better than we know ourselves, all in the name of FRIENDSHIP?

9. We put up with our religious leaders because we fear GOD and not them, but somehow feel guilty to tell them off because we're told to respect them as instruments of the divine world?

10. We put up with the government because if we have to say something out to frankly right, we might just end up in ISA?

Ok now I think this isn't just what woman has to put up with, the men too I'm sure.
I can't think of anything else at this moment, but may be you'd want to add to that list and see where it takes you? Hopefully not a mile away!

Nov 11, 2010

Pan, who??

Peter Pan the boy who never grew up...
lived in Neverland...
lead the lost boys..
spoke to pirates, mermaids and fairies..

He was the boy who very often met ordinary children from the ordinary world.. and he's here in Malaysia to meet the kid in us - the kid who wished never to grow up...

Meet Peter Pan in an exclusive Musical at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater this holidays between 26 Nov - 2 Jan and experience the magic at the Night Park (

It's sure to be fantabulous, for all you need is a little trust and some pixie dust!!!!

"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land! Peter Pan.

Nov 9, 2010

What's the bloody field for??

I placed my son in a school that has a great big field, fantastic for physical activities, but only to end up with teachers who were afraid of the sun.

I tell my son to run and enjoy the thrill, but sadly his educators only know how to hold his hand and tell him to STAY PUT!

I am so disappointed with the school I had chosen for my children's preschool education.
I know that it was initially very good in all the aspect of its curriculum and activities, but after what I had to go through with my daughter's teacher shouting at my girl for finishing a chapter of her maths book in advanced, and then to have her party bags for her friends gone missing despite me giving it specifically for the absent kids at my daughter's birthday party in school, and above all having to hear her deny the scolding and the missing bags was absolutely mental!

Let me get to the part where she had her BM book in her bag for 4 weeks which meant they did not study the subject for 4 weeks.. that's 1 month!!! and here my girl would be going to Std 1 next year in a medium that's entirely BM!!!!

Yes that's what you get for studying in this country. English Preschools and BM all the way after that. English is not a compulsory pass but all of a sudden they need to see that the NATION passes History so fucking badly!!!

You send your kid to a nursery to see him or her have a great time, instead you see them shoved, pushed, and force to take a nap, and somehow none of them are forced to go run in the field and have all their energy drained out!! If they all had bald heads and wore a striped pajamas they would fit HISTORY alright!!!

A kid needs to run. They need to feel their feet smacking into the ground!! but no teachers are too afraid of getting cancer of the skin? Oh and they are so afraid that these kids would run and injure themselves too? They get injured even in class for crying out loud, when one kid head bangs another.. That's what you get when you keep boys in a room with no chance to play in a field!! What the heck is the field for? To train a squad for sports day in alternate years and then to have them not step foot in it after the event is over?

I personally dislike the idea of studying in a shop lot like one very famous pre-school which seems to be mushrooming in this country, and besides it having classes in shop lots, whats the bloody point of educating your kid in preschool with such perfect ENGLISH only to end up having that used as 1 and only 1 subject in 11 years of the rest of their schooling? Oh may be as 3 subjects if they took English Lit and Bible studies!!

I live in a condo, and as fancy as that may sound, it's a BLOCK! So live in a block and study in a block?

Then again when i think about it, I might as well go against my theory and put them in a block, cause a school with a perfect field has teachers who seriously need to look into spending a few hours in the same field for the benefit of themselves too!!!!

Nov 6, 2010

Greener pastures?

"Should I work or should I stay home?"
"I regret quitting my job!"
"I'm going mad being home, I need a break! I need my job back!"

Well these are just some of the common lines we hear from so many mums of this generation.
NO they are not my lines. I have heard my share of it, I must say. Then again, no one is here to judge another, well at least not me. I believe every woman who is a mother, has her own right to deciding what she wants in her life. Many say they want a career, and when they have it, they grumble over the lack of time for their family, but these are the same women, who when given the opportunity to be at home, and not worry about monetary issues, choose to think they are being sentenced instead.

The grass is always greener on the other side, it's only when you get to the other side you will notice that someone planted carpet grass and made you think it was all green and dandy.
I don't see why a stay home mum would want to justify their decision to anyone, and then again I don't understand why a working one should undermine the other. We all have our reason, likes and regrets for everything and anything, especially since we VENUS creatures are never satisfied with what comes our way, even if we think we are, some where down the line, who are we trying to fool by believing so?

So with what life has to offer us, clearly what you choose is what you believe you want for yourself, just remember that if you respect your own decisions, you would learn to respect those of them who do otherwise as well.

At the end of the day, you are still a mother even if your working. As long as your kids aren't suffering in the expense of your career and achievement.. WHY NOT?

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