Nov 6, 2010

Greener pastures?

"Should I work or should I stay home?"
"I regret quitting my job!"
"I'm going mad being home, I need a break! I need my job back!"

Well these are just some of the common lines we hear from so many mums of this generation.
NO they are not my lines. I have heard my share of it, I must say. Then again, no one is here to judge another, well at least not me. I believe every woman who is a mother, has her own right to deciding what she wants in her life. Many say they want a career, and when they have it, they grumble over the lack of time for their family, but these are the same women, who when given the opportunity to be at home, and not worry about monetary issues, choose to think they are being sentenced instead.

The grass is always greener on the other side, it's only when you get to the other side you will notice that someone planted carpet grass and made you think it was all green and dandy.
I don't see why a stay home mum would want to justify their decision to anyone, and then again I don't understand why a working one should undermine the other. We all have our reason, likes and regrets for everything and anything, especially since we VENUS creatures are never satisfied with what comes our way, even if we think we are, some where down the line, who are we trying to fool by believing so?

So with what life has to offer us, clearly what you choose is what you believe you want for yourself, just remember that if you respect your own decisions, you would learn to respect those of them who do otherwise as well.

At the end of the day, you are still a mother even if your working. As long as your kids aren't suffering in the expense of your career and achievement.. WHY NOT?

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