Nov 18, 2010

Late bloomers

Many of us were late bloomers ourselves, but somehow expect way to much from our kids for some apparent reason. Could it be because we somehow feel our kids need to achieve what we did not? Get what we didn't get as kids? or is it competition we have between other parents to keep our face up high?

I remember being a late bloomer myself. In school, rarely I got to be in the top 10 position after exams, but this was not the case when I went to uni. I realise the many times I have seen a flip in my achievements as I grew older.

Should we ignore this and expect our kids to be excellent from the start, or should we 'cut them some slack' and let them enjoy life and school at a balance and not judge them for things they may not achieve as well as the others?

We need to just make sure our children have a strong foundation to their knowledge in school and a wide experience to the world around them. All these, along with good grounds for civic sensibility, success will definitely be theirs.

Then, when they do come back with an achievement, it will truly be one worth being very happy about, and not just an expectation!

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