Nov 18, 2010

The things we put up with?

What a woman puts up with, in life is truly enormous. If you actually list it down, I'm sure it can go a mile long. Let me list a few and see how long it could go with explanations.

1. We put up with our parents as kids especially during our teens and early 20s, because we could never understand why they kept saying NO to what we wanted to do. Our fun was always wrong to their eyes?

2. We put up with our teachers, because some were unable to see how capable we truly were and most of them favored kids who were naturally smart of made intelligent by tuition teachers instead of themselves.. it's easier to educate smart kids?

3. We put up with our enemies in school, in university, at work because somehow they don't see eye to eye with us, and if we could kill them we would but we just tolerate them so that we can carry on with life?

4. We put up with our siblings. Come on! No family is perfect, and no one can say they never had a conflict or a misunderstanding amongst themselves. If they do, they must truly be saintly beings or living in complete denial?

5. We put up with our noisy neighbours. They somehow think, sound doesn't travel through walls and fail to realise how they drive their neighbours up the wall especially when you want to take an afternoon nap? Or could it be that we put up with their irritating dogs?

6. We put up with our spouse because as much as we love each other, we are not split from the same nucleus and since "till death do us part" we kill ourselves to being with each other?

7. We put up with our in laws because we just want to please our spouse? If not we would have long time flushed them down the toilet bowl?

8. We put up with friends who are friends that think they have rights to comment on our lives, and think they somehow know us better than we know ourselves, all in the name of FRIENDSHIP?

9. We put up with our religious leaders because we fear GOD and not them, but somehow feel guilty to tell them off because we're told to respect them as instruments of the divine world?

10. We put up with the government because if we have to say something out to frankly right, we might just end up in ISA?

Ok now I think this isn't just what woman has to put up with, the men too I'm sure.
I can't think of anything else at this moment, but may be you'd want to add to that list and see where it takes you? Hopefully not a mile away!

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