Nov 9, 2010

What's the bloody field for??

I placed my son in a school that has a great big field, fantastic for physical activities, but only to end up with teachers who were afraid of the sun.

I tell my son to run and enjoy the thrill, but sadly his educators only know how to hold his hand and tell him to STAY PUT!

I am so disappointed with the school I had chosen for my children's preschool education.
I know that it was initially very good in all the aspect of its curriculum and activities, but after what I had to go through with my daughter's teacher shouting at my girl for finishing a chapter of her maths book in advanced, and then to have her party bags for her friends gone missing despite me giving it specifically for the absent kids at my daughter's birthday party in school, and above all having to hear her deny the scolding and the missing bags was absolutely mental!

Let me get to the part where she had her BM book in her bag for 4 weeks which meant they did not study the subject for 4 weeks.. that's 1 month!!! and here my girl would be going to Std 1 next year in a medium that's entirely BM!!!!

Yes that's what you get for studying in this country. English Preschools and BM all the way after that. English is not a compulsory pass but all of a sudden they need to see that the NATION passes History so fucking badly!!!

You send your kid to a nursery to see him or her have a great time, instead you see them shoved, pushed, and force to take a nap, and somehow none of them are forced to go run in the field and have all their energy drained out!! If they all had bald heads and wore a striped pajamas they would fit HISTORY alright!!!

A kid needs to run. They need to feel their feet smacking into the ground!! but no teachers are too afraid of getting cancer of the skin? Oh and they are so afraid that these kids would run and injure themselves too? They get injured even in class for crying out loud, when one kid head bangs another.. That's what you get when you keep boys in a room with no chance to play in a field!! What the heck is the field for? To train a squad for sports day in alternate years and then to have them not step foot in it after the event is over?

I personally dislike the idea of studying in a shop lot like one very famous pre-school which seems to be mushrooming in this country, and besides it having classes in shop lots, whats the bloody point of educating your kid in preschool with such perfect ENGLISH only to end up having that used as 1 and only 1 subject in 11 years of the rest of their schooling? Oh may be as 3 subjects if they took English Lit and Bible studies!!

I live in a condo, and as fancy as that may sound, it's a BLOCK! So live in a block and study in a block?

Then again when i think about it, I might as well go against my theory and put them in a block, cause a school with a perfect field has teachers who seriously need to look into spending a few hours in the same field for the benefit of themselves too!!!!

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