Dec 4, 2010

Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa

"This the season to be jolly.... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa"
"Load your wallets and see it burn.... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa"
"Swipe your cards, if you run out of cash... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa"
"By the new year you'll see them outgrow it... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa"

So how's my version of this Carol?

Yeah today.. 6 hours later, I found myself with 2 preschoolers and a toddler in a pram transformed into a semi shopping cart, a backpack on my bag, a GO GREEN bag from Toys R Us, cash enough to pay the parking, and a credit card that gave me a Silver Token which if accumulated would win me probably a NUT CRAKER.. or a Towel.

So what did I do today? I went shopping with my 3 kids to get them their Christmas clothing. A Christmas task I absolutely LOVE!!!!

We 4 survived it! My hat's off to AJ most especially!! My 6 month old son who loved being strolled around the mall, entertained by music, lights and faces!!!

Nothing satisfies me more in this season (OK I'm talking about the Material World.. so cut me some slack right!!) than to shop for my babies.. Getting them stuff that are cool looking and most of all FUNKY especially for Belle... my girl who's NOT A GIRLY GIRL (yes I so love that!)and yes of course for my boys as well.. Yup.. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

So basically, since my sister was not able to stay over with my kids for me to go to class this morning... I decided to make great use of my day to head over to the MALL early enough to get a parking spot, since it is the weekend.. and Malaysians always shop on weekends.. where most of them sit around, walk about and watch others walk about? Well.. that's our Lepak Culture.. which reminds me.. what ever happened to that campaign for anti-lepak?

Ok back to my point.. Now that the house is done for Christmas, kids are done.. I would need to get on to the cookies.. yes I'm buying them.. My kids are not cookie lovers and I don't wanna waste time with that...

Christmas this year is going to be kinda dull as Papa won't be back.. DUTY CALLS!
So it's going to be just us 4 at home.. but with every one of our close loved ones with us too.. so I Thank God for the gift of FAMILY that he has given my family so dearly!

Enjoy the preparations for this season.. and have fun.. don't forget the ones close to you and those who would need your help to celebrate this day.. The day our Lord was given to us!

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