Dec 26, 2010

Have yourself a merry little christmas..

It was a merry little Christmas yesterday with my 3 lovely babies, my sister and her husband in my car in our wonderful traffic congestion on the 3 lane highway of our beautiful Malaysia. Entertained by Mariah's Christmas CD, followed by Lady Gaga, Camp Rock 2, MJ, Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana in 1 drive, really made it a MERRY (Music) LITTLE (Space in square feet) Christmas.
I did an obligatory visit, a friendly visit and a home loving visit all in 1 day and no complains I guess as my kids were the most adorable children I could ever ask for. Their patience at such an age is certainly admirable. Even older folks would have wined away if put in such a travel situation.
Christmas was not the same this year, but however it is celebrated and with whoever it is celebrated with, Christmas will always be beautiful because Christ resides in my heart.
I truly loved what Fr Philip Muthu had said in his sermon in the Christmas Eve mass, "Remember don't eat too much and don't drink too much, it's not YOUR birthday, it is Christ Jesus' birthday, and as much as you are entertaining your guest in your home with the best food and drink, don't forget to serve CHRIST to your guest as well. Don't allow Christ to be replaced on HIS DAY by the Vodkas and Mutton Peratals you serve."
So, did I serve Christ to others on HIS DAY? I didn't because I was a visitor to the homes I went to, but I did spread this message to the homes I visited, I hope that counts.
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas my friends.. and when you enjoy this day, don't forget to whom this day belongs.

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