Dec 2, 2010

A Tangled Tale - RAPUNZEL

As promised to Belle and CJ, Every Tuesdays of the school break will be a Movie Date at the Golden Screen Cinema in Mid Valley Mega Mall. Last Tuesday was Harry Potter 7 hence my fiction wishes blogged last week. This week was The Tangled Tale - Rapunzel.
Amongst all Disney Princess / Girly movies ever made, I would say this is, by far, the BEST!!
From start till end, the script was magnificent and inviting.
The twist in the story and the animation was good.
I absolutely admired Rapunzel's mural skills, and her face was pretty as pretty can be.
I cannot understand what a cry baby I became watching the movie. Somehow, there were way too many touching moments in it that got me all teary and I loved it!
It was a Tangled Tale.. a tale worth tearing for I must say : )

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