Dec 20, 2010

Wet Grass

My son CJ had quite a disgusting time in the field today!
With the fantastic weather we've been having this whole month in Malaysia.. tho I should be thanking mother nature for it not being as horrid as it is in London now, the playground just isn't fun to be in.
What's good about today's experience is that, he finally felt it for himself.
Every time it rains, I say NO to the playground, he wines, I loose my head, and he wines and wines, cries and cries till he stops with me threatening him that I would put him outside for him to finish crying! But today was different, I said OK!
The entire time in the playground, he was washing his feet at every possible ground pipe around the pool area, and when I ask him why, he answers, "So 'geli' (gross) la Mama!!!"
Wet grass and mud in a combination on baby skin.. just isn't something he could deal with, in fact not even for Belle.
So the whole time at the flooded park (nope it wasn't 3 meters high!) my kids spent 3/4 of their time washing their legs! LOL
Best part of all was, I didn't have to be the one to say, "Let's go home!" the decided it themselves.
Anyway, I asked CJ would he go down to the park again after a rain, and my good little boy said.. "NO MAMA."
Well never try never know la kan?

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