Jan 26, 2011

A drizzle from a murky cloud?

When I finally have Belle being happy to go to school, she had to face the first screaming event by her Bahasa Malaysia Teacher! Not only did she scream, she even slammed the table so hard that the entire class got a shock of their lives!
Oh here's why?
This BM teacher, I assume was doing a favor for the Art teacher; wrote on the board, a list of things that needed to be brought to class for Friday's art period. She wrote it on the board and expected the students to jot it into their BUKU CATATAN (Notice Book) unfortunately this 'British Girl' of mine, who's just learning to understand BM mistakenly wrote it into her BM book instead of the Notice Book!
Did my daughter doa CRIME?
Well, the slamming of the table, gave Belle a traumatic morning in her car! FEAR! Fear that this lunatic teacher is going to do it again!
So I did my part, as much as most parents would say NOT TO! I spoke to the Asst. Head Mistress and my only conclusion to this entire case, is sadly that, all of them need to go for Counseling! The teachers I mean!
Probably even the Ministry of Education!
If they think by setting a Military environment in class is the way to go, screaming with no rational reasons, and showing tantrums by slamming the table, they really have got to think again.
What's even more frightening is that these are going to be the very same teachers who are going to grade our kids on the new KSSR student evaluation scheme! Who's evaluating these teachers when the higher administration is also questionable?
I don't know the answer to all this, but I know that this situation is probably just a drizzle from a really murky cloud. As much as other parents say, "she must not be getting enough sex at home which is why she's letting it out on the students," funny as it may sound, teachers should really watch their actions and words!
These kids are not be yours, which means when you treat them with no sense of rationalism, it's us parents who have to remold them emotionally and teachers have no right to make the school be their venting ground and our kids their venting objects!
Teachers are not GODs! At least they NO LONGER ARE in this present era we live in!

An OMG case of crazy teachers?

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