Jan 21, 2011

Rome was not built in a day!

Today has been the most pleasing day for me since the start of the new year and the first step into Primary Education for my little girl. Having to cope with her crying as she dealt with the new environment of Primary School, especially the language issues, was a huge task not just for her but for me too.
I hated the mornings!
Hated seeing her cry and sob silently, as I know she was really stressed out with the whole change! It made her so depressed!
From loosing appetite, weight loss, sleep loss, and a sulking face, to mouth ulcers and mood swings, today was the 1st day after 2.5 weeks of suffering, did I see her go out to school happily, walked out of the car herself into the school, and best of all, did well in her language and maths test given in class/school to keep her in her own class! Which means, she didn't have to move into the class that needed HELP! Not like it was bad to be in that class, but I'm just so PLEASED that she performed well, besides dealing with so much in her heart!
Yup, I know Rome was not built in a day, hence why I'm hanging on to that quote very closely to my heart, and day by day, she's picking up more and more BM than I actually expected. Thank God!
With her finally opening up with everything she does in school, about her friends, teachers, and subjects, my fears are slowly being put to rest, and now I can totally concentrate on assisting her with her subjects at home, since I don't believe in Tuition Classes, well not at least till she has to do Mad Maths, eh sorry, I meant Add Maths!

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