Jan 10, 2011

The Start of A New Page..

Everyone has their own stories and experiences when it comes to their days back in school. For many it was how they coped with their 1st day in Std 1, whether they cried or told their parents to leave immediately, how they hated the toilets or almost shat in their pants and worst of all, not seeing the old friends they got so attached with while in preschool.
Let's face it, there are the very pampered but independent ones, and the extremely independent ones well variety is the spice of life, I know and
I remember being the earlier of the types. I cried, and cried on my first day at school because I wanted my Mummy to be standing outside the class even though I had my older sister in Std 5 in the very same school.
This time the universe has made it my turn. My smart independent little girl started std 1 last week unfortunately inherited my gene... she cried!!!
Well not on the first day but the rest of the week she did.
It wasn't easy to deal with the tearing and whenever I asked why, she'd say NOTHING!
It wasn't the school she disliked, or the teachers or friends or even the language which was my dreaded fear!
She just wanted me to be on the same ground as she was. I was told by some that it was due to separation anxiety, but this didn't make me feel one bit proud at all. I tolerated last week.
1 week later, she cried again, yes, today, and this time besides it being NOTHING, she says she wants Papa to be back home.
I tried every possible angle to get to the bottom of her emotions, until this morning, after much comforting and pampering, I snapped!!
I threatened her!!!
I said that I was getting really frustrated to see her cry for NOTHING, and the only solution was to stop being her TAXI MUM and arrange a school bus for her to shuttle to school and back. Instantaneously she stopped and said NO. So I told her to "Snap out of this!"
She wiped her eyes, and got out of the car with me and when I fetched her this afternoon, she told me very loudly with a huge smile, "I didn't cry today, Mama!"
Of course I hugged her immediately, and took her word for it!
Harsh? I don't think so, if you go back to one of my older post titled 'Weee Willy Winky'.. you would know why!!
Fingers crossed for tomorrow.. I pray my tactic worked. Yes my threats!

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