Mar 23, 2011

An APPLE a day keeps the doctor away!

Yes.. and what a coincidence that my last blog post should be about loving my MAC BOOK, my dearest husband got me an iPad for my birthday and an iPod for our lovely Belle... hey what's a birthday celebration without the kiddos getting a gift too, right?
So now.. as each new day comes, I get to pick and choose which apple I want to hang out with.. My Macbook? iPad? iPod? and what next obviously the iPhone 4 which is still selling like hotcakes and I can't get one ordered for me because Maxis has requested me to pay my outstanding bill of RM39.20 before they can process the order for their "PREFERRED MaxisClub MEMBER!!!" What crap!!!
Anyway.. I'll settle that when I'm doing bills next month! After all what rush am I in? I have all the apples I want don't I?

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