May 4, 2011

'6 months' rule

Professionals say that when it comes to handling your wardrobe, what you've not worn in 6 months would probably never be worn again. So the "6 months rule" came into serious play for me today and with that I managed to successfully box up and ship out half of my closet.

Not only did I remove clothes I have not worn in 6 months, I actually also had clothes I have not worn in 18 years.. May be I was hoping to get back into the outfits I wore when I was 16, only realizing that even though I fit it them again, I'm way to old for that sort of fashion now that I have 3 kids and ultimately a better sense of style.

Therefore everything from dresses to skirts to tank top and granny blouses went out of my residence and suddenly I am left behind with loads of vacant hangers and YES - space! Space for both my clothes and for my hands to pick them out as. All these while I needed the help of a genie for that.

It sure feels good doing so, but now should I look at my closet as HALF FULL or HALF EMPTY? Scary question to answer isn't it?

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