May 5, 2011

Mother's Day

Yes it's mother's day on its way once again. Seriously, something is wrong with me, cause I'm just too tired of reading about this whole Mother I love you business everywhere and every time in papers, magazines, TV and radio! No I'm not bitter as I had a great mum to call mine, for a good period of time though I wished she had lived longer to see my kids; but all this is choking me!
Tired of reading about other people's wonderful mothers and bla bla bla... It's like how Ebenezer Scrooge hated Christmas.. yes I feel like that. So will there be a ghost of Mother's Day Past, Present and Future visiting me? I sure hope not and I hope I snap out of this exhausting feeling I seem to have adopted over this celebration.

I somehow make myself laugh at the end of this nauseous feeling by recalling the writing on a cake my brother Richard had bought for his wife on behalf of the kids at home, to celebrate this "auspicious" day. It said "HAPPY MOTHER DAYS!!!" somehow I think as grammatically wrong as that line was, the meaning is so right. Everyday should be a day we hail our mothers as "wonderful beyond description"... so long as it's out of the MEDIA!

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