Jun 15, 2011

Pirates of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

I just can't get enough of Jack Sparrow! Really, he's the best thing ever created!
On Stranger Tides gave a completely new splash to the story and it was quite impressive.
I wanted very much to watch it also because of Penelope Cruz who's acting somehow turned out to be just Ok for me actually. Black Beard and the mermaids were an interesting inclusion to the story.
The hilarious part was that the story needed a CATHOLIC to destroy the Fountain Of Youth!
The Spaniards looked as though they were in the hunt for the fountain for themselves! Yes Eternal Life is in GOD! Not some fountain! You pirates!
Anyway.. Jack Sparrow was the reason I went for the movie, and this lines were just great including his act of course.
Yes, why would Jack Sparrow give the drink of eternal life to Angelica?
Jack Sparrow doesn't need to live till eternity.. His NAME will do that for him!
And which of the 4 POTC I liked the most?
1-2-3 and 4 most definitely!!

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