Jun 23, 2011


Today is my mother's 9th Death Anniversary, God Bless her soul...
And just a couple of minutes ago I decided to read the Good News Magazine Newsletter that I receive in my inbox and it talked about REPUTATION.. Mainly about how you would like to be remembered when you are dead and How would someone present the Eulogy at your funeral?
Jokingly at the back of my head I said that I will assign this eulogy task on someone who is well read and spoken in English.. (this is what you get when you need to write an essay of 3K words about the benefits of speaking effectively in English)
Well both my parents are certainly remembered for their goodness and kindness and their generosity and helpfulness towards those around them, and somehow too for being parents who brought their kids up right (this I hear from others who tell me..)
The newsletter had this poem written by an unknown author and I decided to make it my post today thanks to the appropriateness.
So here it is..
"Your Name"
You got it from your father,
It was all he had to give.
So it's yours to use and cherish,
For as long as you may live.

If you lose the watch he gave you,
It can always be replaced.
But a black mark on your name, son,
Can never be erased.

It was clean the day you took it,
And a worthy name to bear,
When he got it from his father,
There was no dishonor there.

So make sure you guard it wisely,
After all is said and done.
You'll be glad the name is spotless,
When you give it to your son.
I guess at the end of our life.. despite whatever mistakes we may have made knowingly and unknowingly, we want to be remembered only for the right and good that we have done for ourselves and those around us and not by the wrongs that eventually made us who we are..

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