Jun 1, 2011

Shall get on with it..

My classes for this semester has started, and as much as I would like to say it was great, I just can't. (I love the subjects I'm taking this sem though) and here is why..
My first tutor for the morning seem to have an urgent need to tell us how much qualification he has, actually more like which are the institutions he has studied in and not enough he even bragged about how he comes from a family who has all graduates and have stepped into the UNIVERSITY bla bla bla, in other words he states they are all "Educated" people!
You know when that line "With great powers comes great responsibility!" was used so seriously in Spiderman, it should also be applied here! Come on, he is a tutor who spent 3/4 of the tutorial talking about his education, his wife's and his generation of University graduates, but he could not speak a sentence of english without having major grammatical errors in it! In fact when he spoke in his mother tongue, he fumbled quite the often! and the class was to be conducted in English. I concluded this 1st tutorial class as a classic case of inferiority complexed situation! He needed to ground himself and make people see him as highly intellectual for some unknown reason, and then crashes it all when he opens his mouth.
The 2nd tutorial was yeah pretty energetic. She seemed all spiced up for a morning class and was quite the creative sort when it came to introducing her subject. She also had a really high pitch but it suited well with her face and size.
The 3rd, well, this was a lullaby to most of the students in the class. She successfully managed to put some students into a deep sleep but what pissed me off about her was her entire justification of ethics in her personal opinion. Like passing or failing a student and what she would consider happening to a student if she/he had failed..'Parents selling of the cow to educate child, child fails the semester, child returns to village or becomes a waste in society in the city?' and this is her concern when someone fails to take their education seriously! So what?- Pass the "DESERVING" student? and you wonder why Universities ask you to register for an examination, gives you the EXAM ID, then tells you to fill that into the exam paper claiming you are anonymous to the examiner? Hmmmmm
Anyway, like I said I like the subjects, so I shall just pay attention on that now and just get on with it..

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