Jun 16, 2011

Taming the wild..

I know.. I just like giving my blog posts such dramatic titles.
Then again it is a dramatic issue when it comes to HAIR!!!

We women can never get enough with making this crowning glory of ours beautiful beyond compare.. envious even to the eyes of the beholder (ok now that's a little too dramatic) but my hair has a story of its own I tell you.

I have never been satisfied with the wide range of shampoos I have tried throughout my life.. and that was since I was 15. It either dries my hair, makes it tangle up, dries it again, makes it drop like mad.

Hell I had a bumpy journey in finding the right one..

The last week I decided to try SUN SILK.
I remember dreading away the first time I used this brand in 2003.
I used their anti dandruff shampoo but my scalp became itchy and I scratched it so badly I bled! (I know it's disgusting isn't it?)

Kindly enough this time around, this brand is actually doing me JUSTICE!!
My hair actually feel lighter and more manageable.
What Im most impressed with is at how silky smooth my hair is especially after blowing and I didn't oil my hair after blow drying.
The shampoo is thick, and so is the conditioner and the leave-in serum actually works!!
My scalp feels clean, and overall it is doing a lot of kindness to my natural locks.

Why is my experience this time around with Sun Silk so drastically different?
Guess it has got to do with its new and improved ingredients and the touch of Dr. Francesca Fusco?
I don't know why...but if this keeps up then this is "THE ONE"!!

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