Jun 15, 2011

Tonight (I'm Loving You)..

Enrique Iglesias's Tonight I'm loving You, not only catches my ear, it catches my entire being.
Goodness I just love it!
It's the sort of song that can turn that sexy side of you in an instant.
May be the Obedient Wife Club of Malaysia should recommend music therapy for accentuating the mood for promoting HEALTY FUN LOVE MAKING in marriages rather than advising women on providing SEX LIKE A 1ST CLASS PROSTITUTE for their husband to ease their husband's need thus reducing trouble in their marriage. I wonder where's the connection between obedience and the style of a "lady of the night"?
This is professionally and ethically questionable on the grounds of woman's right!
Women need to be obedient to avoid having their husbands stray and cheat on them?
I respect the fact that they want to reduce divorces and domestic violence, but they sound like it has to only be the act of the woman? Where's the men's contribution to it?
Well anyway.. I see this as people who are completely wasting the efforts of ladies in the past and present who fought and are still fighting for the rights of WOMEN!
Why not? Blame the female in the case of a DOMESTIC ISSUE, the men are always the needy most righteous ones RIGHT???

Hell.. Lets just listen to this song as slutty as it may be and dance those hormones away!

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