Jul 21, 2011

The Credit Card Clown!

Whenever possible, while my kids are off at school and I have ample of time to spare, I window shop. Actually I think I should rephrase that. I shop! Well I would say its usually for my kids.
Last Monday, I got an SMS from my credit card company, that informed me of the free gift I was entitled to received thanks to my purchases of RM200 on the card and that I should visit the kiosk on the upper floor of the mall.
So I did.
My welcome to the kiosk by the Customer Service Consultant was, "Wah, so early morning already shopping ha?" (it was 11.30am) to which I responded, this is LATE for me!! Then he proceeded to giving me my free gift which was a Voucher for 2 Free Scopes of Ice Cream at a Ice Cream outlet in that mall valid to a pretty decent date.
Thinking that would be all, he decided to ask me, if I was considering changing my gold card to a clear card or something that can give me free coffee at famous coffee houses in Malaysia. I said, "No thanks... Unless it's given to me from the bank I'd probably consider it."
He really should have stopped at that point!
Instead he said to me "OH YOU'RE JUST A HOUSEWIFE LA!" with a twitch in his nose and a condescending tone of voice.
I stared at him and asked, "JUST A HOUSEWIFE?" You do know you are holding my GOLD CARD in your hand and it's NOT A SUBSIDIARY CARD, right??? So YEAH I AM JUST A HOUSEWIFE!!!" and went on to say to him that there's nothing that is JUST in being a housewife or a stay home mum! And you are a man! So don't give your smart ass talk on behalf of what we do!! Ok? Have a good day and Thank You!!!"
Errr!!!! How irritating he sounded but I was so pleased that my fluency in sarcasm hit his face instead of the bags in my hand!
That fellow, whether he was using his brain or not, chose the wrong woman to act smart with!!

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