Jul 29, 2011

Remove From Friends

Social Networking is just great don't you think?
It has made keeping in touch with family and friends in and out of the country absolutely easy and convenient.

With Facebook (my bestest friend) and my iPhone (my buddy), staying in touch has never been simpler. I honestly have no chance to meet friends and relatives without having to bring my kids along and my kids would rather have me take them out to their favorite spots than to sit down with me listening to my conversations with the "grown ups".

Now that my kids are off at school in the mornings, I am left with time to myself which I still can't share with my friends or family because they are busy at work. So since timing do not coincide, I honestly don't know how I would be able to keep in contact with everyone if I had to do it the old fashion way.

It's time consuming, dry and often always in the way of others.

So now with Facebook and Twitter in the lime light.. there are the following question at hand:

1. Who would you accept as friends?

2. Who would you delete off half way?

3. Will you accept the ones who have deleted you for no apparent reason once again only because you boldly asked "Why was I deleted ha???"

Well many of us, or shall I said many of ME have done this deleting the friends we have on FB as well as experience being deleted too.

Here are some reasons I have gathered from some of my friends on why they would remove someone from their FB.

Answers to question No 2 of the above:

1. You pissed me off so badly that I see no reason to associate with you nor have you see what's happening in my life!

2. You are annoying online!

3. I hate your silence on my news feed but freely galavant and drop notes on others!!

4. Too obscene to handle.

5. I'm detrimentally jealous to see your happiness and success in all that damn photos you post!!

6. You are so silent, I rather not have you online at all! You never respond to wall post, inbox messages or reply on the chat when you are actually online!!!

7. My page is not a pass time for you to window shop on! Speak up or get lost...

Hahahaha.. I found some of them quite amusing..

So did you find any you would agree with?

I certainly did!!

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