Jul 20, 2011

JLo and Marc Divorce?

So it ends?
Being married.. having a pair of twins, judging American Idol.. dancing like a "ARTIST" for the AI finals next to her so called HOT Husband now known as the CONTROL FREAK who owes the IRS millions... and claiming he hates seeing his wife being overly sexy?
What exactly do people want from their spouse?
Men expects to marry a HOTTY and then deprives her of every thing she's good at and women who marry a man in the context of "I can change him" as if they were suppose to be MOTHER instead of WIFE to their husband!
Hollywood marriages and divorces are always interesting sick especially when either one of them publishes a book about it and makes a living off it.
Well the real disastrous marriages aren't so glamourous as they are silent and helplessly hopeless! With no one to run to and no authority that takes their problems seriously, leaving men to continue domineering their woman.
If only these ladies get a publisher to put their memoirs out, they would have our local book stores flooding away at the NON FICTION section!

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