Jul 25, 2011

So You've Changed!!

Change is inevitable. It is through the circumstances and experience that we go through in life that mold us to be what we are and most of the time it sheds off old skin making room for new traits and aspirations.
It is not wrong, in fact it is healthy to experience change especially if it is a positive one.
So what's my point of talking on this?
Well, if change is a good thing, then why is it many cannot accept it in others?
Is it because we've allowed others to accept us the way we have always been that a sudden change makes the ones around us think we've gone nuts?
Or is it because there already has been a gradual change in you but those around you was too preoccupied to notice?
Which ever reason it may be, you've changed and now should we consider helping the ones around us to accept us, by opening a communication with them and explaining who we've evolved to be?
Or should we ignore and tell ourselves, "it's not my problem if they can't handle it!"
Which ever one chooses, the people around you need no explanation about your change!
I believe that much is true!
If you are going to be around someone, you should never take them for granted and expect them to be the same from the moment you've met them till death do us part!
Which is why no one should take another for granted and always be aware that not even an ant can be under the ground for long.. they migrate or the earth moves, one is sure to happen!

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