Aug 22, 2011

Hotel California?

Have you ever had the feeling of not wanting to leave a place after you've spent several hours in it?
Well here's why this post is called Hotel California.. (do not refer to the allegoric hedonistic interpretation of the song ok!)

"You can check out anytime but you can never leave..." 

Well.. I had my sister over at our place for the weekend to help me watch the kids while I was away for my exams.. then came Sunday evening, when it was time for her to go back home.. she looked at me and said.. "It's just too difficult to leave! Your house is like HOTEL CALIFORNIA!" Once you check in you can never check out!! (That's her version of the song!)

 I totally understand how she felt..
 Isn't it true that when you are surrounded  by family, or even friends that are so dear to you, you just can't leave even when the time is up?
 It's like both your body and spirit isn't willing to let you go from that bond you feel so strongly in and it's really tough to break and move?
 I guess this feeling is the one fact that proves, no man is an island. 
As much as unwinding is important to any persons.. we still come back looking for warmth and comfort with the ones we love.
For me this proves we need love and laughter to grow and stay sane and the best effects are not just knowing you have that love but actually, physically experiencing it with family and friends.

 I myself, have often encounter this "Hotel California" situation many times..
 but then again I dreadfully must say I too have encountered "The Get Me Out Of Hell" Situation where you just wanna pack up and run... many times too!!!
 How about you?

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