Aug 4, 2011


For the longest time I have always hated the word WHATEVER!

Not the obvious definition of the word itself, but the way it is used and the intonation of its use.

It can be disrespectfully rude when used especially after you have given so much effort in explaining something to someone (upon request that too), and that listener, probably due to inability to comprehend or simply to the fact gives a damn over your efforts throws a "WHATEVER" at you. An arrogant WHATEVER is like slapping YOURSELF in the face..

I'm simply getting tired of wondering how these sort of people speak and not know how they sound when they throw this word in the most insolent way at another.

If "I DONT CARE aka WHATEVER" is going to be the answer you give to another... then save the speaker all the trouble by not asking or sounding like a bloody fool in the first place!

Trust me such EGO talk makes only YOU look dumber!!!

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