Sep 14, 2011

Angry Birds

If you have played this game on your mobile.. you would agree with me that it's FUN and addictive.
Yes I have completed and cleared all the levels and I'm proud to say that I'm satisfied with my mini accomplishment. So if there's more... BRING IT ON!!!

However, my post today is not merely about this App, but about literally placing the people who annoy you on stones and sticks and shooting birds, and explosive eggs at them!

Yes the start of this week pretty much pissed me off till I had this imaginary game playing in the front of my head where I stacked the staff of my learning center on sticks, stones, and huts and had birds on a slingshot knock them down.

Doesn't it piss you off to call a government organization, or an education institution, or a healthcare company or anyone for that matter and not have the damn phone answered? 

At official working hours, you expect an official working ethics too! Don't you?

So I called and called from 8.30am right till 4.00pm and no one picks the phone for 2 miserable days to give me an answer to my inquiry. 

What do I do? 
I called the Director! 

Before I decided to ask him for answers, I desperately wanted the answer to this main question of mine which aspired through my eventful 2 days; "IS ANYONE ALIVE IN YOUR CENTER?"
"Why isn't the direct line of your learning center answered for 2 whole days?"

He apologizes of course, (why wouldn't he?) but I'm certain it was left just at that!
Today as I stood in the floor of this very same place I tried calling for the last 2 days, an office filled with staff, giggling, and chatting away, the phone was obviously, still not answered.
Better yet, only I could hear the phone ring on my cell for their phone ringer was off! 

I asked the receptionist for the number to the desk phone on his table and he answered, "Saya pun tak tahu la.."("I'm not sure myself,") and ends it with an apology, "Sorry yer".

I remember the days when I worked in a healthcare institution and on a dying night call where you have hundreds of blood samples flowing into the lab, a broken down IT system, and an automated analyzer that failed to be of any help, answering the phone calls from the wards and the emergency unit, was still placed as priority and on one night when I decided to ditch answering the calls because I needed to repair the bloody machine so I could actually process my samples and provide results, the hospital Director came walking in because HE GOT AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT about the night call staff not answering the calls and yes that was me! Until he walked into my nightmare of a night call, and saw with his own eyes the disaster I was dealing with, without questioning me, he apologized to see me single handedly handling everything and sat in my desk to answer all those calls for me while I worked to generate results. 

See my point here is, unless you are dying, YOU HAVE NO REASON NOT TO PICK UP THE BLOODY PHONE especially if you are THE RECEPTIONIST!!! 

Writing this post doesn't make this matter "done" for me. 

Like the father of the stand up comedian, Russel Peters would say (in the thickest of Indian accent), "SOMEONE'S GOING TO GET A HURT TONIGHT!!!"

 Some one "IS" going to get "A HURT" for this!

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