Oct 17, 2011

Happiness and Success

Ever met a person who has EVERYTHING one can ever ask for yet says he is not happy?
Ever met a person who has almost NOTHING yet he can't wait for a new day?

The world is seriously full of unhappy, ungrateful and dissatisfied people..
Even when you have those who are appreciative of life with the little they have, these unhappy ones with everything will still say they have not seen happiness and hearing it you would wonder if they were blind, or just plain pathetic?

My experience in with many such persons of both category has lead me to say that HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS IS WHAT YOU DEFINE IT TO BE!

I have given up trying to make those who should be happy, realize what is staring right at their face and instead of embracing it, they carry on grumbling about life.

For those who are contented with the little they have, my hats off to you! Others should seriously learn from you..

As for me..?
I have my own definition of success and happiness.. what I could say right now is that I am looking for my "ZEN" ;-)

You're not SMART if you don't read!

We have made ourselves believe that KIDS SAY THE FUNNIEST THINGS.. but with more careful analysis you would see that their innocent statements actually make a lot of sense, which most of us adults have lost in the years of growing up..

My little girl told me yesterday that "Ma, if you don't read, you are not SMART and this does not include reading COMICS!" 

I laughed in agreement to her statement.

Naturally I asked her why and how she came up with such a conclusion?

Her answer was that she examined her friends and when asked herself silently in her head, why they behave so dumb (as in not to her standard of comprehension) she realized it's because they have no reading habits! In addition, these people had no quality in viewing shows on TV that made a difference.


I grew up with an older brother who's reading materials were those types that kids his age right now would fling it off in the blink of an eye (in fact I think even kids his age at that time would have just walked past it naturally you would know it's not Playboy Mags I'm talking about). National Geographic magazines, Reader's Digest and Technology books were his favorite. His choice for conversational topic were so smart that you would make sure you are well read yourself. This included his choice for TV programs.

My girl is right now in the independent phase of exploring books and reading materials.

With influence of family she's picked up the habits of choosing smart shows on TV and reading interesting books that humors her and adds her knowledge. I must most definitely acknowledge that her school has a lot to do with this influence to, but at the back of my head I do think it is also genetics. 

Her father loves to read and his choices of TV programs are seriously interesting. I do to and she has aunts and uncles who do as well.

So what makes a child say the DARNEST things or in this case examine others to such a depth and conclude in such confidence?

I think it's their surrounding and genes combined with their child-like innocence that makes them say the funniest but most times SMARTEST things!! 


It's been so long since I wrote in my blog..
My apologies..
But what motivated me to wanting to post today is the fact that I'm actually up for it.
The mere fact that I had a real good night sleep not just for a night but for two nights made a HUGE impact-full change in my life!
Sounds silly is it?
Here's the story..

A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated my daughter's birthday and it was no ordinary birthday at home or a chosen venue for cake cutting but a weekend getaway with the entire family including my very loyal, God sent NANNY!!!

We headed down to Melaka's A'famosa Resort for 3 days and 2 nights.
We packed everything and everyone possible to spend the weekend with me and my kids in order to have a surprised birthday party for my girl who turned 7 and at the same time to enjoy the activities available at the resort.

During the day we had quite the activities and most certainly it was after feasting a great breakfast buffet in the Golfer's Terrace. All the busy ness in the day made sleeping at night an event to look forward to.
Finally it was time to check out and head back home.

Ok you're wondering, so what's with the sleep, right?

I only noticed the difference in me a week after getting home from our weekend and realized that I was not snapping at my kids for their many tantrums and complains and dissatisfactions or disappointments in a day, rather I spoke civilly to them and handled the matter without literally wanting to pull my hair out of my head! I was not getting stressed up with them.

I was utterly surprised at the way I behaved and sat to analyze why, and it was only this one obvious reason.. I had uninterrupted sleep for 2 night because our dearest nanny took care of my youngest who is 1+ for those 2 nights instead of him sleeping with me. The fact that I got the chance to sleep without having to wake up to his cry and feeds gave me the opportunity to catch up on what my BRAIN was crying for all theezzzzeee MONTHS!!!

Solid 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep made a miraculous change in me! And I was blessed to have it for 2 nights. What a BONUS!

This is not just benefitting my young, but it has helped in stopping my nerves boil over the smallest pettiest things, I am a BETTER PERSON NOW!! I'm back to being that MOM I know my kids missed!! I am able to do more than I already am doing at home now..

I used to ask myself what was happening to me? After loosing my temper, I would sit with so much regret and then I would snap again.. I thought it was some crappy HORMONAL issue going on but NO!!! ALL I needed was a GOOD NIGHT's SLEEP!!!

The next time I see signs of me loosing my mental state.. I'm going to plan another holiday and with my NANNY with us of course ;-)

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