Oct 17, 2011

Happiness and Success

Ever met a person who has EVERYTHING one can ever ask for yet says he is not happy?
Ever met a person who has almost NOTHING yet he can't wait for a new day?

The world is seriously full of unhappy, ungrateful and dissatisfied people..
Even when you have those who are appreciative of life with the little they have, these unhappy ones with everything will still say they have not seen happiness and hearing it you would wonder if they were blind, or just plain pathetic?

My experience in with many such persons of both category has lead me to say that HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS IS WHAT YOU DEFINE IT TO BE!

I have given up trying to make those who should be happy, realize what is staring right at their face and instead of embracing it, they carry on grumbling about life.

For those who are contented with the little they have, my hats off to you! Others should seriously learn from you..

As for me..?
I have my own definition of success and happiness.. what I could say right now is that I am looking for my "ZEN" ;-)

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