Dec 13, 2012

Have Yourself An App-Merry App-mas!

This morning as I read this advert email in my inbox, I immediately recalled what my husband said a couple of months ago after he got himself a smart phone - “Everything has an APP, one day even to take a ‘dump' you would require an APP!”

No I’m not advertising on behalf of App Store or National Geographic for that matter, but as much as these Apps have their fair share of absolutely fantastic ones to totally disastrous ones, I am no less a fan of Apps especially if the are “FREE!” (Hey! I’m Malaysian, what do you expect?)

Apps, free or purchased with a price can be recommended to others or given as a gift to someone you like.

"Gift an App this Mother’s Day" Father’s Day, Graduation Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween.. name it, they’ve got it an App appropriate for gifting purposes!

Now the season of CHRISTmas is here and guess what, you can gift an App too!
I wonder if they have an App to connect with JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH, the SHEPHERD BOY, or one of the TREE WISE MEN. Could they have an App to tell you the astronomy of that Northern Star?
Or is it that hideous SMASH SANTA App?

Many depend on Apps to tells us where to go for what we want, how to cook, how to do photography, how and more how.. I’m not being cynical when I say all this, like I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of FREE APPS and have personally spent a bomb of USDs on Apps as well, but when it comes to CHRISTmas.. I think I’d like the traditional style of gift giving and receiving.. physically taking the time to get something or make something for the ones you love, and if you don’t have the luxury of time to do so, a warm hug on any of those 12 days of Christmas would be simply wonderful enough.

I hate to think that maybe someday in the near future we would have an App to represent or replace us at home for Christmas.  Everyone is virtually present, carving an App roasted turkey with an App knife and saying cheers with our App wine glasses made filled with App wine? An App CHRISTmas tree, an App Fire Place, an App House? Or have we already started that App-FULL lifestyle? Virtually being somewhere while you’re physically somewhere else, without any fussing around for flight tickets and annual leave, just send the tablet or pad ahead of the season to your family, gift them an App and tell them to go on Viber or Facetime and I’ll see you there on Christmas! May be this will serve immensely well for those stuck in duty and obligations that require their presence, a matter of life and death, or to connect to their friends and relatives in distant places, video chats are fabulous indeed but sadly even those who can make home, sends themselves home via an APP! Ah.. I know it’s the choice one makes for what they prioritise most.

Anyway, back in the 80s many believed robots were going to rule the world, I’d like to say may be the APPs beat them to it!

So have yourself an App- Merry App-mas and a App-Wonderful 2013!!

Dec 4, 2012

Christ for Christmas!

Christ for Christmas!
(By Jennifer F Netto)

Christ is the reason for this season,
not Santa Clause or materialism,
Pray in our hearts for love and peace,
Not Santa and his gifts!

Remember our Saviour born two thousand years ago,
His Mom rode a donkey not in the snow,
He was born in a manger not on a bed,
Not in the North Pole, eating cookies or cakes.

His birth was feared by a selfish King,
Who wanted Him dead more than anything.
Who would think a child could be such a threat?
Many died for Him to live, only to be nailed for us instead!

He rode no sleigh up in the sky,
Nor flown with reindeers he selected.
With ordinary men He called disciples,
He walked through dust to spread his message of love for a world our Father created.

Now this world has seen his death,
Yet choose to forget the very essence of His birth.
We decorate our homes but not our hearts,
With Santa every corner and a tree not grown in dirt.

Is this season a mere reason for indulging in the works of the world?
Where we feed our stomachs with food and booze,
But heed not the sufferers amongst us?

He came to us that one special night,
To save us from our sins, not shop in streets so bright.
With songs of snow, reindeers and sleighs.
Of balls and bells that rang not the night He came.

Fill our hearts with prayer, spreading goodwill and peace.
Placing Christ in the middle as we bring hope with glee.

In that way we would not have mistaken the purpose of His birth,
Which is God's love and forgiveness for mankind that makes Christ not Santa the reason for our Christmas!


Nov 30, 2012

Diamonds are forever..

I walked past a gorgeous diamond gold bangle today and as I gazed on the price tag (RM28K) I laughed to myself saying, "I'd rather book myself a Europe Tour than spend that amount on a jewellery." I don't know how far 28K ringgit would take me around the European Continent (not far probably) but I'd much prefer a week of memory to a bangle that may or may not be with me for the rest of my life as I could probably even loose my hand to a thief while wearing one.

The older I grow, the more my fancy for gold is depleting. Is this normal? Could it be because it is getting so ridiculously expensive that I have turned my head away from it? Or is it because I almost got snatched after a tutorial class at Serdang Raya? I think it's all of the above.

Diamond is a girl's best friend which means the 7 diamonds in my engagement ring, which some people had to disregard it as "stupid" because it seems an engagement ring must be of a single diamond alone, is technically my 7 best friends? Those diamonds on my ring will be all the diamond I'm ever going to own and wish to wear safely someday. As for anything else, I would definitely op for a tour, instead of looking at the tour strapped to my wrist. After all diamonds are forever.. So 7 is (forever x 7) for me!

Nov 28, 2012

International School - Practice before You Preach!

I had quite an experience visiting an international school today. The administrators had an odd way of promoting the school - they were busy making racial discriminatory statements in efforts to proof how quality and not commercialism is their aim in education.

Anyone would agree that if a person speaks of quality, they should first and foremost show they have it themselves! Reason for saying this is because in their 1000 plus banners around Negeri Sembilan, advertising their soon to open school, they had failed miserably in showing quality information on it to the public.

Here's why:
1. It had a website address that doesn't connect to its server. I had been trying to connect to it for more than 24 hours.

2. It failed to provide the location, other than it being in Seremban.

3. It had 2 contact numbers, one was a mobile number and the other was a land line. I tried the mobile, but no answer, then proceeded to the land line, to which the lady who answered told me, "this is not the school number, but the country club, please call the mobile number." WOW!!!!

4. It has proudly tagged itself as - THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN SEREMBAN. Looks like someone did not do their research properly as Kolej Tengku Ja'afar is the first, with 20 years of establishment.

Do you think I'm going to send my kids there when I move out of Klang Valley? Hell NO!!!!!

You don't make racial remarks thinking you can win our wallets! You have failed on all level of being " International" the minute you condemn another race! And you had gladly done so in front of kids who could have potentially become your students. A school needs to show credibility, respect, and authenticity both in advertising and customer service but this school has failed on all levels of such requirements, sadly.

Why do I feel that the more I study about ethics of communication, the more I'm being made to believe that everyone who studied it, has no idea how to practice it!!!

Nov 8, 2012

Moving Forward!

Watching the US Presidency Election was quite an anxious task. My TV screen was on CNN and my husband and I tackled questions of what if Romney wins or what if Obama?
And when Barack crossed the 270 mark, we just couldn’t stop smiling at each other along with tears rolling down my cheeks.
They've won the next 4 years!! Obama and his democratic team showed towards what America is shifting, uniting as one nation to serve one nation. Moving forward to becoming yet again the model of a great country.
I can’t help but cry to see this win!
I waited eagerly to listen to OBAMA’s victory speech the 2nd time after 4 years and his 25minutes speech was fantastic! 4 years ago, I remember listening to his speech with my husband and now again, no wonder he says he’s usually back on leave and by chance to watch the elections of the United State’s President Live here in Malaysia.

It was dynamic, positively boisterous, and hair raising amazing! To see everyone gathered awaiting their president to present his victory speech was simply awesome that I wished I was there, almost to wishing I was an American myself!!

Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Malaysia and being Malaysian, but sometimes I tend to, like most Malaysians or rather non-Americans to suddenly feel the height of joy and wish I were an American myself. To be in the land where nothing is impossible! Then again, I know that if you put your mind, heart and soul to anything, nothing will be impossible no matter which soil you stand upon.

I wish this dynamic, empathetic, peace loving, INTROVERT (so am I!!!) 44th US President all the best in his 2nd term and may he accomplish all he had set forward for US and their relationship with the world.

Nov 6, 2012

The Greatest Love Of All?

The late Whitney didn't just sing a song to that title rather she brought out the most significant shift to everyone's life back in 1986. Who best to love you than yourself? Whose love is most important in your life than your own? Sadly somehow it was easier to sing the song and hit the charts rather than practicing it in reality given the fact that she died of OD (May her soul rest in peace)!

However, I'm not writing in context of the late Queen of Pop but to highlight this quote I got from Oprah's website OWN by Brenè Brown:

"Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them."

You understand that I'm sure? It simply means you can't give or get love if you first didn’t have love existing in you!

Coincidentally, I also stumbled upon a quote on Goodreads yesterday by the famous Rumi that said -

  "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

How important is it that we first love ourselves before falling in love with another?
I was told by a psychologist friend of mine that you draw positive vibes only when you embrace positivity in yourself, hence a relationship can only work if both involved in it love themselves well enough to actually nurture that love for their partner thus creating a relationship that's balanced and enriching for each other.

There are many out there who fail to break the barriers within themselves before trying to find love outside their vessel. For those of you who wonder why you can’t find love, I would say there are probably three possibilities to that:
i) You don't love yourself enough to think you deserve love in return!
ii) You love yourself too much to allow another who lacks love in them to ruin you!
iii) You love yourself too much that you don’t believe anyone else is humanly worthy of you!

I personally believe no one can truly love another until and unless they have love in their own heart and that loving yourself is by far the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself! No I'm not saying this because I sang Whitney's song on stage in front of a hundred people when I was 12 but because I personally have this experience to stand by this notion! Those who couldn’t show love for me didn’t have love in themselves to begin with, and I couldn’t nurture one with them because it takes two to tango..REMEMBER??? I didn’t have enough patients to allow myself the time to see others change, so I move on. I leave them be. I choose to continue my life even if they refused to live theirs. I am the (ii) point above!

Don’t get me wrong ha! Loving yourself doesn’t mean being self absorbed with your own being! It’s embracing this intense feeling of deep affection for yourself.

This is tough to handle but somehow I think that if you possess love within you, your love will be a radiant light of hope for others to emulate. When you have love within you, you will shine and that light will dawn on others as a sign of what is missing in them. Love is powerful, and it is contagious. It is uplifting and it is joyful. Love makes the world go round!
So go ahead.. Listen to her song and contemplate on your life! Work on the most important area of your existence - loving yourself and the rest will fall in place!!

Nov 2, 2012

Don’t Butcher Her Hair!

 I honestly had a tough time coming up with a title for this post of mine but I seriously need to ask this - why do mothers butcher their girl's hair in the name of a solution to dandruff problem?

Allow me to brief you on this one point - many things crop up for me while waiting in my son's Kumon class every Fridays. Today I noticed this 14 year old girl who had such lovely mid length hair standing in front of me looking drastically different. Short, bushy, dry and out of control. Yes they are the same adjectives I would use for describing a lion's mane.

I smiled at her and asked if she had cut her hair (Obviously I knew she did but I don't know why I have this thing in me to open my mouth and say something as if it's most appropriate to utter a word or two along with a smile to someone I see every Fridays).

She replies “YES" and her answer was instantly accompanied by her mum's question - "Which look is better on her?"

Damn!!! Must you ask me? Diplomacy seemed to have vanished in me at that point and so I replied, "I think your long hair suited you better." (Of course!!! If you had seen the cut you would wonder who to slap, the mother or the hair dresser, and don't get me wrong, I have no prejudice against the length of a woman's hair as I for one had my hair short but stylish I must add (Alleluia for having a wonderful mom) for most of my growing years!

Her mum replied in defence to her butchery, "A lot of dandruff lar on her head! I had no choice but to cut her hair."

In my head I replied - "like that? Have you no sense of style at all? You made her look like a male lioness!! Yeah it's impossible genetically but with a bad choice for a haircut that’s achievable, plus a horrid haircut can destroy a young girl's self confidence!!"

Anyway, as the above remained in my head, my mouth vocalised a more constructive reply - "So has cutting her hair solved the problem?" To which the answer was undoubtedly a "NO", I went on saying, "Well of course not! Lengthy hair is not the cause of dandruff.. It's the pH of your scalp as well as the stress level that increases the problem. (Don't get me started about stress level - this poor girl has a lot to deal with, with her mother alone who constantly condemns her in various ways, matter and manner. I know this because those condemnations are the highlight of her mum's Friday conversations here in the Kumon waiting area and I always answer in defence of her daughter! I wonder if anyone else sees that lady’s narcissism!!)

I further said to her to use Sunsilk Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Conditioner and the leave-in lotion is a must for it works wonders. Read my post on it and you'll understand my stand on this:

As soon as both mother and daughter walked out, I heard the girl say to her mum, "See I told you my long hair had nothing to do with it and I looked better with my hair long!!!"

Oooopssss! LOL..

Oct 31, 2012

Escaping Alcatraz - The Malaysian AES!

My drive from PD fetching my husband back home on the North-South Expressway in a rainy night 2 weeks ago, caught me by a shock when I decided to overtake a Hilux that was driving horridly slow in the middle lane. 

As I placed my right side signal light, changed my lane and increased my acceleration to over take the snail, 3 lightening flashes from the left snapped me one shot after another. I was shocked and at a brief second, panicked and stared out of the car wondering what the heck that was! 

GOOD CHRIST!!! They were speed cameras!

Are those cameras suppose to photography those who are speeding or cause a FATAL ACCIDENT at the same time????????

I did not have the slightest clue they had placed those cameras at that particular point and thank God I have a strong control of the wheel. No wonder everyone was driving so slowly at that stretch. Yesterday, once again when we had to drive the same route back home, my husband asked why was every one slowing down? I told him.. “I guess we are reaching ALCATRAZ!!!"

Those flashes were blinding, shocking and disturbing and if I had no sense of control, I would have easily made the system work against its supposed purpose.


I felt as if I got caught trying to escape Alcatraz!!!

I can only imagine my face in those shots.. LOL (yes I’m laughing because I hope my face tells the authorities that they have abused me!!)

I heard a fine of RM300 non negotiable will be my penalty.. well.. I was overtaking a snail.. and I did the entire Alcatraz Escape with my signal light on.. so if that is an offence.. picking up speed which any physics book would say you need to in order to over take another vehicle in which I went up to 110km/hr at a 90km/hr stretch, then I will see what I do with that when I get to that juncture.

I think this system is not right.
What is the point of putting this speed cameras at a point where everyone knows it’s there?
People will speed else where and behave at that stretch alone wouldn’t they?
I have driven in Singapore so many times and they have this fixed speed cameras by the side of their roads as well.. but those don’t blind you to kill you! How come? Can someone tell me what I’m missing to understand here? Why such a fatal prone technology here where else Singapore can go with one that is purposeful and non abusive?

I suddenly prefer seeing our traffic police being bushmen at duty at least that’s not going to kill you!!

Remember Me?

I had a rather weird experience last week.
Saw a person I knew from my hometown on FB and decided to request for friends. After almost 2 weeks plus from when the request was made, she accepted my request and then over the chat upon me messaging first, she tells me she has no clue who I am!
WOW! I was seriously shocked to my marrow on her loss of memory!
A person whom back then (approximately 15 years ago I should say) would come around me and start conversations which I did positively engage in, who told me once that I inspire her, who claimed admired me and wished I were her older sister - suddenly has no recollection of who I was shockingly startled me. I am certain by the words of many and my with my own eyes that I have not changed in my facial appearance, and socially I have been active in church activities where by this person had no reason to have not seen me after school years.

So what is the reason then?
Can a person truly truly have such an amnesia?
Or is this amnesia one out of choice? But if so, why accept on FB..right?
To those I have shared this with, they told me this is a complete act!
It’s impossible for anyone to have forgotten a person even after trying so hard to light a spark unless they have a medical condition.

Anyway... I guess that’s all to it then..
If one doesn’t remember you anymore, you should just let them go.

Oct 28, 2012

Queue Up Not Glue Up!

Have you ever had to experience being in a queue and the person behind you seem to be in some idiotic rush? Pushing and glueing themselves into you?
 Well, if I’m asking you then you can surely guess why! Today at the movies, queuing up to get some popcorn, I just had to have a woman behind me that glued herself to my back, pushing my handbag forward almost every 5 seconds and for what? I have no clue! It’s not like the counter is going to drive away or we need to stick our face up another person’s arse to make space for the queue that’s unfortunately getting longer, right? In my irritation I spoke out loudly saying, IT’S QUEUE UP NOT GLUE UP LARRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Of late funny lines verbalise itself out of me in my height of irritation.. Well it made my sister laugh and me too of course.. It is so blardy annoying to be in such a close proximity with a stranger, and all my experiences of such is with women older than me! Nooooo I’m not going to feel any different in fact must madder if it were a man!
It did cross my mind to take a step back, plunging my heels into her foot to teach her a lesson.. but my conscience didn’t approve it!
Anyway.. The good thing that came out of this is this saying I guess..
So remember fellow earthlings in a queue.... QUEUE UP, NOT GLUE UP!!!! Okay?!

Oct 11, 2012

First International Day of the Girl Child

11th of October has been declared as  International Day of The Girl Child focussing its first year into observance to ending ‘child marriages’.

All my growing years I have watched such ridiculous child marriages shown in movies and dramas on the TV and have heard stories from neighbors about girls as young as 13 and 14 being married off to older men to ease the financial burden of her family. BURDEN? I have asked my mum, is that the purpose of marriage? To ease a parent’s burden? Her reply was that’s how little the parents of those girls know! They don’t understood the value of education in a girl, and the burden that can be eased off of their shoulder if their daughters were given a chance to work and be someone. If independence to her life was given priority. How much more would the family gain from their daughter if they had placed her rights above all else.

Personally I knew of a girl back in school, who came from a poverty striken family. She was made to be married off almost immediately after SPM (age17) because her parents could not afford to put her for tertiary education. But is marriage the answer to such a situation? Getting their daughters to be married to men who are poorly educated or not at all and have their girls be treated like trash by their supposed husbands who come back drunk and insist of SEX? Who have no regards for raising their own children? 

I believe once such a cycle exist, that drive to do the same to their own young will continue unless, the young mother decides to put an end to such vicious decisions on their own girls! 

Malaysia may be modern and advanced, but sadly, child marriages still exist and in recent statistics, it is on the rise! What’s the excuse for such an act now? Financial burden? Child with acts of promiscuity? 

Mind sets need to be changed! The fact of the matter is, it is not the men who truly discriminate women, but women themselves who discriminate their own gender that has caused such a devastating scenario for the female race! 

Ladies who ill treat their daughters and look at them as nothing more than a object for marriage, mothers who have no guts to stand up against their abusive idiotic husbands who think the girl should be given away to another man, women who think they need to have their daughters married off ASAP so that their duty as a mother is obligated! As long as women such as these exist, women who do not know how to protect their own girls, and the girls around them by prioritizing their needs and rights as a HUMAN and not as an OBJECT, child marriages can never be put into the grave! 

Women who are mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, neighbors, and friends must make this first change! Protect the rights of the girls around you!! If you have been abused of your own can put an end to it - don’t give a deaf ear or a blind eye to those who are going to end up like you.. you should be the living example of what you don’t want your own child or the child of another to be! 

The Girl - The Gift!

A girl is gift to humanity,
She is the one who brings life into the world,
The one who cares and gives more than she ever knew she could,
The one who deserves to own her rights and have her rights protected for her!

A girl is the light to her family,
A being whom like a boy deserves to be someone,
She deserves happiness and joy,
She deserves friends and an education,
She deserves to have her parents' love even after her wings take their first flight alone!

A girl’s marriage is not a license to freedom!
Her marriage is not the broom to sweep your burdens away!
Her marriage is a commitment! 
A commitment she makes when she is ready to make it!
For marriage is a journey that is not marked on a map..
It is not a resort for washing of hands!
For even a married daughter needs her parents to protect her, 
From the possible viciousness and vices  of the man who may even have married her for her love! 
As a parent, you are never free from your responsibilities towards your girl, unless death takes you away from her,
For your girl is a gift, to you and humanity!
She is a gift to herself! 


Oct 4, 2012

My Copper Anniversary!!

Officially it’s 9 years, but I like to count it with a plus 2! So technically it’s 11 years..
I can’t believe how fast time flies..
and how much we have grown as a family and as individuals ourselves - spouse and parent..
how much we have been through..
and how much more we look forward to go thru for each other and our lovely children..
Hopefully till our bones go brittling away with toothless smiles..
along with grandkids who are deeply in love with us, and children who desire to always embrace our warmth.. because I know that warmth is something you and I have in abundance for our babies!!

For all those wishes I wish..
I have but one simple wish to begin with..
That I have at least a minute of life left in my soul, no matter what, to always have the chance to say I LOVE YOU before a final goodbye..

They say... Life is so unpredictable.. 
But of all the unpredictabilities.. our blessings are the best things we have been unpredictably showered with!! My blessings are YOU and OUR LOVELY CHILDREN!! The life you have given me, the love you have embraced me with and the pedestal upon which you and our children have placed me.. and for everything.. I say Thank You!

Happy Copper Anniversary Honey!!

I love you my dearest..
I always have and always will..

Aug 14, 2012


Call me backdated.. But I've always wanted to read all 7 books of the Chronicles of Narnia and I got all 7 in 1 for RM29.90 today thanks to BookXcess! Many say you can never be too old to read them.. And after reading so much about the context of this book and hearing so much about it from my sisters in law.. I know I'm going to love it!!

Aug 6, 2012


I must say Helen Mirren played an interesting role in this movie.. But once again this is not a movie review I'm doing but a connection to her role as Arthur's nanny.

I cried so much after she died in her sleep especially after learning that she had sacrificed her love to care for Arthur after his father died when he was only 3 and that too to a mother who's forte wasn't mothering.

Sacrifice is so rarely seen these days without expectations in return. When you are graced by someone who does it for you, you really have to embrace it.

Grief over the loss of a love one is something that can't be healed so easily. Watching her death reminded me of the loss of my mum - unfair and untimely! It's when you need the person the most, that the Universe thinks it has the right to take it away from you.. And in my case I was whirled right after loosing my mum into dealing with people who had no respect over my grievances, who thought they could comment insolent statements at me and hurt me with all their insecurities and psychotic nature!

Like I said, it's rare to find people who can respect your life the way they MUST and SHOULD! We are often surrounded by people who think they know better, and people who think they have the rights to tell you how to run your life and your home! How to raise your kids, feed them, cloth them and even meddle in the physicality of your life as to how you should spend your time.

Arthur may be fictitious.. But he surely represents many of us.. Not rich in bucks as he definitely but ridiculed by people who think they know best but sadly know nothing actually! It's the ones who truly knows you who would never hurt you!

It's those who truly know me who has not hurt me! The rest are just a humorous cruelty.. A complete waste of time!

Narcissistic Mothers!

Reading this book written by Dr. Karyl McBride, has opened an entirely new dimension of life to me. I wasn’t all that shock to know Narcissistic mothers existed but it’s sad to know that there are many mothers out there who suck at watching out for their daughters and make it all about themselves while ruining the entire existence of their child. Selfish, self absorbed women who think its an obligation that their daughters should take care of them after failing to be a positive image towards the growth of their child is apparently very classic of them.

As much as it was difficult for me to read this book in public because of its title that had nothing to do with me and my wonderful mother, I couldn’t bring myself to putting this book down because every example Dr Karyl made in her book from her own experience being a daughter to a narcissistic mother and examples from her patients, just kept catching my throat as well as my attention to go on reading - to think a woman could be such a bitch towards their own daughters!!! Sadly a narcissistic mother will never admit or acknowledge she’s one and goes on believing they’ve done their best and like no other could in their mothering as well as denies any form of hurt and trouble they have caused on their daughters. It’s always NEVER their FAULT! They would happily live blaming everyone else but themselves and making themselves be the victim is their ultimate solution to the problems they themselves caused! In fact, they are so smart and skillful at making others believe they are the ones being hurt by their daughters instead of acknowledging that whatever screw ups between them and their children is partly if not entirely their fault!

Narcissistic mothers can be destructive and cause so much chaos amongst their kids just to make sure they are the center of attention at all times. They can’t stand seeing their children united because some how they are so sick in their brain to think that when their kids get together, its about her they talk of.. but I guess to much extend it is true because such mothers have feed so much rubbish into each child about another, that they fear deeply if each of these child meet up without their presence, they would eventually learn her poisonous ruins!

Doesn’t it get exhausting for mothers of this nature to live their whole life like this?

"Emotional legacies are passed down from one generation to another” - this line got me thinking deeply and it answered a lot of my questions.. I guess it is true.. that for a girl to grow up being confident, independent and happy, she would need a mother who is of the same essence. I’m so proud and thankful to GOD for the mother he gave me! For being a woman who left her own mother’s side at the age of 10 and grew up with her aunt, my mother sure was a strong, confident, independent, intelligent and good natured woman, and I’m so glad that all her gracious and wonderful traits will be passed down to her grand daughter through me as a legacy of her strength! Young girls need strong mums to protect and guide them and to teach them to love themselves without damaging their child’s self image. Mothers who are too bothered about what others would think and what others would say.. eventually screw their daughters up and fail to enjoy their own relationship with this gift of a daughter that had been given to them.

For those who struggle with Narcissistic mothers, looks like disconnecting yourself is the only way to heal the wounds put upon you and to grow into yourself and not an extension of your own narcissistic mother!

End of the day there's no other way to look at it except - YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU SOW!
You want your children to respect you in your old age.. you have to treat your children with respect throughout their growing years and in their adulthood..

You want your children to love you and be there to care and support you emotionally - you need to be present emotionally in theirs!  Most of all, never get your priorities wrong.. NO! you don’t need to watch over your daughter’s shoulder every second of their life and be a menace to them instead open up room for acceptance and UNCONDITIONAL and SINCERE love between each other and the rest will fall in place.
To the many mothers I know who got that right.. Well done!!

Jul 20, 2012

Church Bells Ring.. Are You Listening?

Through all the hustle and bustle of the day.. With all the noises of the world we drown in.. We hardly hear church bells ring!

Since houses are far from church grounds and the sounding of church bells hardly ever reach the corners of the city, I felt a strong warmth embrace me when I caught the sound of the noon Angelus Bell ringing in the midst of the traffic noises while fuelling my car not too far from the church of St. Francis Xavier.

I'm glad I caught the sound..
and said my Angelus
because besides watching the clock tell you the time to pray.. The calling of the church bells are by far the most angelic way..

Jul 19, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

Once again I say.. I'm not writing a movie review though I must say too the movie was simply amazing, and most of all I want to say Thank You to RHB for giving me the 2 in-season passes to watch this stunning movie at GSC.

When I saw the contest on their website last month, spend a minimum of RM50 on your Visa (Debit/Credit card) and stand a chance to win a pair of in-season tickets for The Amazing Spiderman, a voice at the back of my head said, "Yeah right! Like I'm going to win that!"

I bitched it off because besides the RM10 Tesco voucher I received 3 months ago.. I never truly got anything nice for being a loyal customer!

Ironically this morning I almost bought online tickets to this movie but decided to call off the plans because I needed to study and when I checked the mailbox around noon, in were there, these passes which I mentally bickered about a month ago!

So of course I ditched my studying n took my kids for the movies! Why wouldn't I - I got free tickets!

Humm.. Now if only this works for a lottery ticket..

Hahaha ;-)

Well... No harm in wishing right?

Oh by the way.. Andrew Garfield is a stunning Spiderman! and the movie is definitely a thousand times better than the previous trilogy.

Hemingway & Gellhorn

This post is not a movie review but about 2 people with remarkable names in the world of literature who were not very different from the ordinary.

I watched Hemingway & Gellhorn last night on my Astro PVR and I must say it moved me a lot.. emotionally!

When you read books from award winning writers, you would think that they had a life so simply seated behind a type writer and writing their thoughts for others to read while making a fortune if not by their works.

But non fiction writers those days saw a need to be present in the wrack of life in order to write what they truly saw with their eyes and felt in their hearts despite running a miserable if not luxurious domestic life. War writer like both of them had hurdles to face in order to share the news to the world.

Gellhorn was seen as a woman whose passion for her work, inadvertently crowned her hopeless at being a wife and a mother.

Hemingway, to me was a man who even after 4 marriages never knew how and what he wanted in a wife but I guess that's how most humans are..

They marry a person because at that point he or she is everything one wants but through the evolution of the heart and mind that makes your maturity and priorities change, sometimes drastically, you end up seeing your partner stuck behind your needs, desires and ambitions in life.

Many move on leaving their partners behind and getting attached with new ones while some have no choice but to be stuck in the rut.

So Hemingway - was the typical man who as much as had admired and adored Gellhorn, was never the less a male chauvinist when the limelight fell on his partner instead of him.

Jealousy isn't the destruction of love but boredom she says but in reality I think both just are! Jealousy from a spouse is the worst thing to have in a marriage and boredom is the battlefield of the devil - both does nothing except destruction to the marriage and the destruction of one's own soul!

In reality so many woman are repressed from achieving their ambitions because of husbands who refuse to step out of their rut.
Husbands who expects their woman to be glued at home watching the kids and living almost the entire day in the kitchen and laundry room while they enjoy the company of other apparently sophisticated woman outdoors.
Husbands who are threatened by successful wives, who would rather back up other woman in their ambitions than their own spouse!

Hemingway & Gellhorn though names of famous people, lived very pathetic domestic life like any ordinary people.

As much as Gellhorn wrote about the wars of the world, she fought a war domestically as well.

Why would one think that if you have achieved ambitious endeavours, and have names that are remembered indefinitely, you would have been spared of spousal heartaches?

Sadly both these names died by taking their own lives through suicide after all that they have achieved. Shouldn't death at least come to them peacefully?

I like Gellhorn's saying (since it would be typically what she knew people perceived her life was with Hemingway) - "I have no intention of being a footnote in someone else's life!"
I like it in context to "her" life.

Would every woman be proud to say such a thing? Could being a footnote to the life of someone you truly love and loved you in return with all the respect you rightfully deserve as a human be entirely worthwhile?

I believe so..

Jul 18, 2012


My biggest fear of getting back into the working arena is the Interviews!

Be it one to one, or one to many, the very thought of having to sit in front of a bunch of people or a person who is going to evaluate, and decide if you are "worthy" of the job just makes me constipated!

Here I am today.. In the gorgeous looking lobby of a very big establishment waiting for my dear sister to come down from her interview and the entire process of getting here and waiting for her just makes me anxious more than her I think.

As I wait for her to come down, here I am sitting amidst tens of stressful looking candidates who are walking in and out of meeting rooms with various interviewers.

I feel such tensed aura around me.. Or is it just my gut feeling it for them?

Some walk pass me wondering what I'm doing here with my sunglasses on my head and a psycholinguistic text book on my lap! And just as I think of what their thinking.. Some one asks me if I'm here for an interview.

Do I look like I'm here for a job?
I'm not stressed like the rest!
And I'm dressed like I'm going to go shopping!

How does one do it?

I had in my life so far attended 6 interviews out of which 3 were for part time jobs after major high school exams, 2 for a scholarship interview and 1 for a permanent position just recently (but this is not counted because the interview was with my former Principal who was now at this other establishment). And of which I got the job and scholarships of course.

Ask me to do this again, I'd probably vomit blood!

I'm afraid to think about it but I do want to get back into the work force once my kids are older, and I only hope I build the courage for it soon enough!

Jul 16, 2012

My Yardstick Is For Measuring Things!

Been thinking a lot lately about the many I've known in my life who measure their own life successes by comparing themselves to others. The faster and sooner they achieve something compared to the ones around them, the greater they'd feel.
What happens when the opposite turns out to be true?
Statements like
* I never thought you would settle down before me!

* Why didn't I get a degree before her?

* I should have won the competition and not you!

* What's so great about her that others seem to like her more than they do of me?

Etc.. Etc..

Well, the sad thing about measuring your life to others is this - disappointments!

If you use the life of others as your yardstick, somehow that stick has its way to shove you up your behind and tell you to go and get yourself a real life!

It's ok to wonder how someone else settled down before you or have kids while you don't, or drive a porsche while you still take the bus, or why more people enjoy their presence compared to yours.. It's okay if they are constructive thoughts but as soon as you start feeling jealous about it and allow it to undermind your own achievements and failures for that matter than you seriously need to consider its point of worth..

I don't feel jealous when someone else does well in life! In fact I feel most happy and proud that I know such a person!

I'd rather take their achievements with pride and say.. Hey that's my friend you know than to sulk and bitch about it being theirs and not mine!

Take your life at your own pace.. Be proud of the things you achieve irregardless of when you achieve it.

Remember.. Everyone faces variations in the circumstances of their life.

Life achievements aren't a timely thing for many.

No one is racing with you so don't race with anyone, unless you're on the track doing the 100m for the upcoming London Olympics!!

Jul 14, 2012

Mufflers at 34C?

I'm inspired to write this after seeing a mum and her girl step out of their car with warmers wrapped around both their necks on a blazing hot Friday afternoon.

When I saw the mother get off the driver's seat, I asked myself if she knew where she lived and before the thought could end, out comes her daughter with the same wrap in a different colour.

Call it fashion but I still don't understand why one would wrap their neck with winter mufflers in a tropical land while wearing the skimpiest shorts, beach slippers and the thinnest t-tops?

Are these people just lost geographically? Good gracious I can only imagine where the girl learnt her sense of "style” - her mother or the other way around?

I love the spring and winter fashion too but I'll wait to be such a season to wear them for sure.

Jul 12, 2012


I read The Wizard of Oz when I was 10 and to my kids the first time when Belle was 6 and CJ 3 and occasionally listened to it in the car as we also have the audio book. They both simply love it. In fact when Belle bumps into any pair of RED shoes, she would tell "Mama.. Dorothy's Shoes!!" and when we take a walking path made of bricks we would say "We are walking on the red brick road" instead of yellow..
But Belle and CJ had a very concerning question about how Oz became the wizard at Emerald City?

We all know from the book that Oz landed there by crashing from his hot air balloon and guess what? Now the creators of Alice In Wonderland (2010) and Spiderman-3 is bringing us "OZ: The Great & Powerful" next year!! a prelude to The Wizard Of Oz to tell us how the Wizard arrived in the land of Oz and became the ruler.

My kids are going to love hearing this news when they come home from school today!!

Something superb to look forward to in 2013 in our favourite world of cinema!!

Jul 6, 2012

Well Done!!

Amazing isn’t it? 3rd place amongst 246 students from 50 countries worldwide? Our very own Malaysian Indian Boys beating the odds and emerging as winners in the Genius Olympiad 2012 International High School Project Fair on Environment, in New York with their very own creation of an alarm system called “Neighbours Wonder”. 

"The gadget can help emergency users to ask for help from their neighbours when the wireless alarm system is installed parallel with other houses in a residential area.
Rama Murthi said the idea to develop the system was in line with the 1Malaysia concept mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, as it could foster the spirit of cooperation among neighbours, regardless of race.” - Bernama

Personally I’m so proud of what these boys have accomplished. Making the best out of their own ability and doing themselves and their parents proud, and of course Malaysia could all chip in the joyous celebration of their winning! 

The one thing I believe in being a Malaysian Indian is that, you may be the “smallest" minority in this country, and may feel insignificant in a land your four fathers worked for or even died for, but you can still be a powerful and fruitful one as long as you put your mind, soul and heart to it. It’s not about needing government attention on you but about making the country NEED YOU!!! 
If your efforts go unseen by the Malaysian public.. its their loss.. as long as you see the worth in yourself, a way will open to you! That’s all that matters most!!!

Congratulations once again to Rama Murthi and Sri Arivesh on their success!! May many more Malaysian Indians be inspired by this!! 


Jul 4, 2012

My Cup of Tea..

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Prince of Wales and Darjeeling...
Yes those are the names of the teas in this box of tea bags my brother gave me -  Twinings of London.
After an experience of drinking tea in the night while in campus many years ago, which left me awake till dawn, I realized tea keeps me awake and took it whenever I needed to burn the midnight oil.
With assignments close to its due dates and exams at the end of the month, I decided to give this box of expertly blended teas a try.
I had the English Breakfast tea on one night, the Darjeeling tea 3 nights ago, Earl Grey tea 2 nights before and Prince of Wales yesterday (the tea I meant!) and this morning I started my verbal abuses on why tea maker bother naming them differently when they all tasted the same until I plunged Lady Grey Tea into my cup of hot water.
The description given for Lady Grey was a fragrant, bright and light black tea infused with orange, lemon and bergamot flavours (Light Flavour Strength).
It smelt bright and citrusy alright.
And it taste fantastic.

So my apologies to the tea makers of the world..
I now know that I LIKE "infused teas" and not just black tea or green for that matter.
It’s like drinking Ice Lemon Tea without all the sugar.. and its refreshing and nice even when its not hot any more.
Now I just need to see if it keeps we awake!

Jun 15, 2012

Shoe.. shoe.. where are you?

Some time ago a friend of mine who went shopping with me asked me how is it I could go into a store and pick out a pair of shoes in less than 30 minutes and come out happy?

Honestly I never realized the speedy time frame till this friend of mine pointed it out.

I somehow see everything in the store and pick one right out because I feel it’s pretty, practical and most of all affordable.
Which is probably why I shoe shop only after I have the outfit in mind, so I’d know exactly what would suite best.

Like today was my buy on this pair from Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.

I wanted something that would look great with my pants and my skirts and I fell in love with this pair in less than 10minutes from entering the store.

Thank Heavens they had my size!
Best of all thank goodness it’s in my budget!

My Purple Brown Shoe!

Jun 14, 2012

Epidermomolelogy - Fact or Fiction vs Friend or Foe?

EPIDERMOLELOGY (Epidermo-mole-logy) yes I made that term up. So please don’t go looking for it in the dictionary!

It’s the mole on your skin that’s what I’m implying here.

Since ancient times, the positioning of a mole in a person’s body always came with an unravelling mystery of the future.

How far are these fortune telling believable?

I grew up being told that the mole below my left foot indicated I would travel far. The furthest I went was India. Would there be more? I sure hope I would get to visit Europe, America and Africa before I die. But did it mean I would travel far geographically or travel far in my life’s path?

After giving birth to my children, I now have many new moles which I believe is scientifically the overproduction of melanin at that spot in my epidermis layer, but earlier this week, my helper who is a Philipino lady, tells me that my mole on my right shoulder indicates that I am bearing a huge load of worries for others in their lives.
I was utterly surprised!
Ironically I am in that situation now and come to think it, most of the time since I’ve had that mole.

But that mole being only a speck then has become a little larger than usual moles causing me a little pain occasionally but I haven’t gone to see a doctor about it because when I studied Pathology, a possible malignant growth that could come from a mole would grow in size in each time frame and cause consistent pain.

I remember hearing my mother talk about the bad luck that befallen people who removed their moles through cosmetic surgery. Is it true that moles carry luck for us?
Or it coincidental that the events in our life just seem superstitiously sensible to such markings?

Could our moles be telling us our future.

Are they the spot that carries our secret imprints?

I would like to believe that it doesn’t and that life goes on the way it’s meant to be and only your decisions and moves can make a different and that it has nothing to do with the mole in your skin.

Those moles don’t  holds the key to your destiny!

Or do they?

Check out this link I found about the significance of each and every possible mole you might have, its only for reading pleasure ok, please don’t go paranoid over it!

Jun 12, 2012

Saying.. Thank You!

Many kids these days fail to have the most basic etiquette instilled in them such as saying Thank You or I'm sorry or even Excuse Me!

It's as though they walk around like the world owes them for their existence or something!

Do these kids come from parents who behave similarly? Or are these kids from parents with high morality and manners but simply failed to make sure their kids are nurtured the same.

I think not saying thank you is the most disgusting attribute one can ever have and it's sad when it is so common these days with kids.

Gratitude initiates the act of saying thank you. So when they failed to say it, should we assume they are ungrateful? Probably.. But I guess that's a whole different territory to venture on.

Don't forget your thank you's and most of all don't forget to R-E-M-I-N-D those who have failed to do so!!

My 3rd Published Book!

This is my 3rd book on Amazon, published on the 30th of May 2012. Well it’s about my little girl and her birthdays. Yup if you write about your son you sure have got to write about your daughter too. Anyway, I enjoyed writing this for her and I hope you enjoy reading it!! Its available on in both paperback or Kindle.

May 25, 2012

A Way For A Will

If there is a will, there is a way! - so they say.
I had a will 2 years ago and found the way 2 days ago!
Literally speaking.. my will was locked away until suddenly I saw an add blinking right in front of me on my MBP screen which said.. 'Kindle Self Publishing' on a site I always looked at for those very same 2 years - Shelfari!

I visited Kindle online and from there I saw another ad for publishing my book in print!

Wow and wow!

Who would have thought 'the way’ could possibly split itself to two?


I’m not just a proud author of one book but two!

The 2nd sprung about from a very adamant boy, my son who insisted on me writing him a story so that he could do illustrations for it the same way I was illustrating my first book. One person’s will became another person’s way - MINE!

How ironic!

Thank God I know some decent amount of computing work! Phew!

So wallah.. MY BOOKS!!

Author & Illustrator - Jennifer F Netto
My First book written on 24th April 2010 and published on the 23rd of May 2012.

Author & Photographer - Jennifer F Netto

My 2nd book thanks to CJ who bugged but ironically inspired
 me to come up with such a whimsical piece all in a day!
Written on the 23rd May 2012 and published on 24th May 2012.

"A way for a will" in my case turned out to be a way for 2 and I AM NOT COMPLAINING ;-)

May 20, 2012


I grew up with a love for nursery rhymes as a child and story books when I was older and my favorite stories among many in my younger days were Heidi and Ann of Green Gables.

I did appreciate fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty but never got myself indulging in dressing and hair do's like a princess as I found it obnoxious. I preferred being in t-shirts, jeans, shorts and always with a great pair of shoes or boots and if I am lucky I get to accompany it with a gorgeous looking hat that always went superbly well with my short hair.

When it came to dresses, I truly loved those that came in cotton, moderately floral- if must, decently laced, sleeveless and may be with a pretty bow at the back. In fact I had a particular sort that I fancied most - dressing like a farm girl on a Sunday morning : long dress with white boots.

Back then I must say I should thank my dearest mum for having showered my favorite style on me. She always knew what would looked great on me and I loved it, though I don't really remember discussing style with her only till I was about twelve or thirteen years old.

Now that I am a mother myself to a lovely little 8 year old girl, I see much of my traits in dressing in her. Her likes and dislikes are similar to mine as a kid. Her disregard for princess-look-alikes and gaudy dresses, tiaras and bling blings as some kids deck on themselves is not her taste and trust me - I'm not complaining!

Was it the era I was born in that made me like the stuff I did?
If so, how is it that 30 years later I see it repeat through my little Belle?
Is it hereditary?
Did I inherit my sense of style from my mum?
Who did she get it from?
Her mum? Her aunt? Her friends? Her books?
She was from India but lived midway of her childhood till death here in Malaysia and Singapore.
So could it be she picked it up from her sociocultural and geographical exposure?
I've studied an entire semester with a great lecturer in UM on genetics and I'm sure it's not tied in our deoxyribonucleic acids so I guess that's the answer - I inherited her taste which she acquired through her exposure on fashion - thank God she was tasteful!!

As a mother we subsequently pass on our traits to our own kids. Our children are influenced by our taste in small ways till they've found their own unique style.

I know some of my likings for clothes came from the pictures in the books I've read, tv shows I watched back then as a kid and the rest must have been allowed to be part of my life thanks to my mum's own personal taste that found an equilibrium to that of my own.

Now, have you ever wondered what went wrong on the parental and child "see-saw" of dressing when you encounter a kid with a head full of pins, hair bands and rubber bands of all the colors and more of the rainbow with an outfit that screams HELP ME even in FAIRY LAND????

I have asked myself that question a million times.. MUST ONE WEAR EVERYTHING ONE HAS IN ONE'S CLOSET IN ONE DAY??

Moderation is important. As much as one may love princesses and fairy tales, you have got to be practical and sensible most especially as not to have your child look like a clown at a parade!

As a parent I believe we are responsible in many small ways to how our children dress and accessorize themselves. Therefore, mums, play that part right as it has the tendencies to be passed down from one generation to the next.

May 16, 2012

Oh Please Teacher's Day?

Gone were the days when teachers were respected for the height of intelligence, passion and nobility. These days, in some parts of the world you'd be surprise if you live long enough to say you served while other parts, you get teachers shouting out racial discriminating remarks at students, and flying shoes at faces of students yet get away with their act on the grounds of stress!
Teachers those days had a sense of passion and loyalty towards their profession as "educators" while these days we end up with mentally questionable individuals who look forward only to their monthly pay cheque and the maintenance of their tuition centres. Assessment vice they score because their shitty performance seems to be backed up by the principal. They are always backed up.

With the recent cases occurring in schools - teacher's discriminating their students, why is it not possible to sack them off as it is so easy to perform the expelling of a student?

If authorities put their foot down to such demoralising issues and practise a zero tolerance on such matters, teachers would know that they serve us and not the other way around! And would consider resignation if stress was something they cannot cope without lashing their tongue on their minority raced students?

To honour their service on a special day such as today's Teacher's Day makes me want to puke thinking about how many unworthy teachers are in the schools only because they filled a quota! I would say so because when I went for my TESL interview after form 5, 18 years ago, being Indian, I did not get the entry because there were enough Indians in the 2% quota where else girls from my school who fell in the category of the larger percentage who couldn't speak English for nuts were chosen to do TESL with an additional training on how to speak before proceeding with their degree! After 11 years of formal education, they could still pick those who needed to be thought how to speak the language before enrolment as if SPM wasn't good enough to tell you who deserved it!

It stinks even more because we know the teachers around us are those who performed "exceptionally" well when they were our school mates! And to think they are teaching our kids when they were nothing as students makes it difficult to swallow.

Racism on the other hand will always be a thing of the present because those who passionately and intelligently deserve to be teachers never gets the opportunity! We are made to think we don't deserve it because our quota is filled. Because we are of a certain race and not a common nationality. Racism will go on because too much hate has been put into children who leave high school and are unfairly treated for scholarships and university entrance. When that seed is planted, the future generation will grow remembering the injustice put upon their forefathers, us - who are still alive and kicking and have somehow by the Grace of God made it better than those who were fed with a silver spoon.

If you think we were treated unfairly while colonised by foreign governments, the racial injustice after independence is way worst!

Teacher's Day? - Stop fooling the kids is all I have to say! True teachers do exist, but sadly they are stuck in a basket of rotten apples!

Are we like glass?

Driving back after sending my kids to school today, I suddenly became metaphorical of how similar our life is to that of a glass.

A glass craftsman uses skilful techniques to make this natural substance into something useful practical and most often beautiful and all that effort put into making glass into sculptured products of beauty can go into pieces by a simple act of carelessness!

Drop it and it's all scattered!

Glass can be strong yet fragile depending on how it hits and falls.

Life is so similar to this isn't it?

We were given to ourselves, pure and natural, and we go through various phases that mould and sculpt us into something completely different; and one wrong choice in an accurate scattering angle can put all to waste!

But picking up those broken pieces can make you into a stronger person if you believe that the lesson in the event was worth learning from.

So no.. We are not like glass! We are better than it! Better because we can pick our broken pieces and mend them to be stronger!

Apr 18, 2012

Children See.. Children Do!

I’m a big believer of this tag line - Children See.. Children Do!
The way a child behaves in public, or privately or within the close unit of his or her family, is the reflection of the older ones especially the parents at home.

Today over morning coffee with a good friend, X, this topic was our major discussion.
Reason for this was because another friend of ours D, is currently giving a cold treatment to X over an apparently innocent issue which happened at X’s daughter’s birthday party. According to X, D’s daughter was screaming for X’s daughter to only play with her at the party but the birthday girl was being a polite hostess, multi tasked instead. 2 months later and with no more play dates arranged by D, D’s daughter meets X’s daughter at  a restaurant and with arms on waist, screamed at X’s daughter, WHY DID YOU IGNORE ME AT YOUR PARTY?

X finally realized why the play dates got cancelled and took it upon herself to advice her daughter never to ignore D’s daughter again.

Well my advice to X was to ditch that girl and tell her kid it’s not her fault at all! Especially since D’s daughter was being unreasonably selfish and irritating to demand such attention and whats worst is that D was next to her daughter all along at that party. Knowing D at a not so personal level, but enough experience to judge her mothering - she always thinks her daughter has to have it her way!
I mean there’s only that much of attention an 8 year old can give to each and every one invited and it is not the responsibility of X’s daughter to feed D’s daughter’s impatient superior attitude!

What’s worst is that D did not hush her daughter for saying such a thing aloud (not surprising to me!), it seemed like she almost wanted X to hear it - well: mission accomplished!

Yes kids are kids, but they do what they’ve learnt from somewhere.. and it becomes the parent’s responsibility to correct them. Innocently some can speak their mind and sound like a complete mini bitch, and when mother’s don’t advice such kids to watch their manners, they turn into mega bitches in the future! Sorry for my language.. but seriously, parents who think their child should be given the freedom of speech and adore the boldness of their kids will someday have it coming their way!

Not everything can be brushed off as cute, and innocent. You don’t stop them now, they won’t be able to tell the difference when they are older, unless someone bolder comes and slaps them for it!

So is there a point where parents get to sit back and watch and not be responsible for what their child does?

I guess NOT..

Our children are like plants..

You plant them as seeds, water them, fertilize them, adjust their bending patterns with a stick and a string, and make them grow in a condition to withstand harsh weather and loose soil.

Screw up one step.. and you might just have to dump the entire plant into the bin.

So the upbringing of a child is a very serious issue!

Not one that you should psycho over, but pay attention and discipline when you really need to. No one is expecting for a military parenting, if you get my point!

But firstly, if the parents themselves are such people.. the question that follows will be.. what else can you expect of their child, cause Children See.. Children Do! RIGHT?

Mar 30, 2012

Mirror Mirror

OMG!!! Movie Makers are getting so smart these days! The way old gaudy annoying and choking fairy tales are taking a sophisticated twist is impressively amazing!

After being blown away at how well Tangled was directed, Mirror Mirror takes the spot of my favourite "New Age Fairy Tale"! The cast was simply spectacular.. They were all my favourites!! And having all of them in one movie was like having all my favourite pizza toppings in one.

Selecting Armie Hammer (love his accent after watching his double act in Social Network and yes his gorgeous looks too) as Prince Alcott was the best decision made and this act for Julia Roberts opened a new dimension to her acting skills! The dwarfs were tactically great and depth full and rather handsome too. Sean Bean! made my heart palpitate.. I meant it in a wonderful way although I wonder why he constantly has a constipated face from that of Game of Thrones. The costumes were lovely and the setting and script were witty, smart and touchy.

I hated Snow White as a kid you know. A pathetic young princess who needed to be saved by a pair of royal balls (I wasn't so shrewd back then but at such a tender age, I always wondered why ladies had to be depicted as dependent and weak more so being brought up by a strong woman in my life). However, the plot of Mirror Mirror flipped my regards for this classic a complete 180 degree!
Anyway.. since I never do write the plot in any of my movie reviews on my blog, I'm not going to do it now. You'll just have to watch it and bedazzled with the new directions.

Jason and Wilhelm Grimm who wrote Snow White back in 1812 would be smiling in their graves if they saw how their classic evolved in the 2nd decade of the new millennia! Alleluia for that..

The release of Mirror Mirror would definitely see a significant rise in 'fairytale humbug' converts like me!

French Italian British Indian

If she had to choose between rice and curry in an Indian restaurant she would ask for Tosai or Brata instead. If she was at a Chinese restaurant, she would opt for steamed pau or noodles. But what she loves the most are French Pastries and Italian Pastas! My 8 year old sweetheart Isabelle has it in her head that she'd rather be French or Italian than Asian! The only Indian bit in her is her love for Tosai and Egg Bratas.

Today's movie outing led us to Deli France with Chicken cheese croissant and Sultana Croissant along with a glass of Pineapple Juice (her personal picks not mine). It was a delightful breakfast for her that it's almost time for dinner now yet she still says thank you for breakfast!

I guess that's probably why I craved for these similar foods being pregnant with her. She was moulding my diet to suit her palate even at the foetal stage of her life! Impressive!

Anyway, I only decided to go to Deli France out of my many choices because I knew I'd be impressing her! Hehe ;-)

Mar 29, 2012

Can you show me the direction to Feng Shui..

I always believed Feng Shui made a lot of people spend a lot of money altering the things around them in order to bring in the right energy to attain peace and prosperity, but after reading this particular book by Sara Porter on Simplified Feng Shui for Interior, Health, Wealth and Happiness, my perception of what I believe Feng Shui should be was reaffirmed.

She addresses the principals and tools in Feng Shui in regards to relationships and your home by simple, almost cost free methods to drawing a healthy Chi energy within one self and those around as she explains the elements responsible in adding this attraction.

One very distinct point that captured my utmost attention was how to avoid bad chi by taking arguments outside the home. Not just your arguments with your family members, but the arguments that outsiders, extended family members, or visitors bring to battle using your home. Your home, your house - is your sanctuary! It is the space where you take control of the good and bad chi that lingers in it. If someone walks into your home with a bad chi in them, they will naturally extend it to those around them and when signs of this are exhibited, take charge and block out that bad energy that can disrupt the peace in your own home. If others come into your abode to battle their fights, ask them to leave!

The other thing that got my attention (actually the entire book was great but I'm only emphasising on a few pointers) was cleanliness. The way you keep your house, says about the conditions in your being. This must be another form of languaging if you've read my previous post. If you live in a clutter, your internal being is also living in a clutter. If you feel like life is choking you, declutter the space around you and this will assist you in decluttering your life. That includes decluttering the people that are hindering you from attaining good chi.

Children! Unconditional love is the first and foremost need for them. Placing conditions on who they are and not accepting them for their unique way of being in the world will damage their inner self which in turn will adversely affect their personal chi energy. Make time for play with them to unwind and have fun together. Include music in your relationship with them.

This are just a few I want to write about that truly cost nothing to help flow in the good chi. There are many tools to promote good energy but I believe the greatest tools are within us, our intelligence, our intuition, our logic and common sense, our passion, love and warmth and our sense of respect for ourselves and those around us! The physical tools would be your brain and your heart! You could breakdown an entire house, to rebuild it to the angles and directions of Fung Shui, spend a million dollars on a water feature on eastern side of your house or a gold chandelier in the southwest direction of your home, place wind chimes, bakuas or gold coins at the northern positions, you could just about do anything your wallet permits you, but if you fail to realign your thoughts, your character and your perseptions, you become nothing more than a rich idiot who's value for life is limited to the value of his buck!

A man living in an empty shack could have more good chi than a man who lives in restructured multimillion dollar house.

To me, everything starts from within and not the other way around. Feng Shui - the system of arranging a person's life and living space to optimise and harness the flow of positive energy STARTS WITHIN YOU!

Mar 28, 2012

Languaging Via Fashion

This is a new thing I've learnt - LANGUAGING. Somehow the more I read into it, it doesn't seem so new after all but rather SEMIOLOGY in a modern light.

Shohamy in her book Language Policy - "Expanding Language" clearly states how language users have the flexibility and freedom to use language as they see fit. She also examines the expansion of language through multi-modal representations known as LANGUAGING. How language spreads beyond words and other linguistic markers such as food, clothes and fashion, architecture, visual and image and even numbers.

So how powerful is LANGUAGING through clothes and fashion as a linguistic marker?

We all know fashion is an expression of ones self. The way you dress says a lot about you. Historically we've seen men and women dress to show their status in wealth and power, in feminist moves, in sexual representations and simple modesties or as a form of resistance.

So much story is revealed in ones clothing about themselves. It has transcended from portraying power and wealth to being the transmitter of moods, emotions, profession, identity and ideologies. If you're feeling vibrant and energetic, you'd choose the outfit that shows that and if you're sick and tired of routines, HELL! You'd appear to work in your Pajamas if you could! It's your freedom to choose although this freedom has its limitations and boundaries that helps control peace and balance in the society we live in.

So is it safe to say, you are who you dress? You silently speak out to those around you through your wardrobe and that's the linguistic approach when LANGUAGING through clothes and fashion come to action - your clothes do the non verbal communication for you.

I guess then if you're feeling extravagant today, it wouldnt hurt to dress like Cleopatra, right? Humm! Then again I wonder how Lady Gaga feels on a day to day basis. LOL!

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