Jan 23, 2012

Finally... Mobile Blogging

Yes.. Finally I get the chance to blog on my iPhone and not have to log into my MBP to do this!! Hoooray!!!!

Well I'm not sure if this was available long ago, but I finally found it and it has filled the void in my life so splendid-fully hahaha..

I thought I would not blog for 2012.. I guess I take that back! Phew.. Luckily I don't believe in making New Year Resolutions..

Well it's Chinese New Year now and it's the year of the Dragon which only rings in my head that it's another year to the year of the Snake and I'll be 36!!!

Sorry I just can't help myself but to think ahead of time.. Typically I'm a woman.. And age suddenly just isn't a number anymore.. (I'm not going to elaborate on that just yet.)

So hooray to mobile Blogger and happy Chinese new year!!!

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