Jan 28, 2012


For some reason this word seems to be popping up rather a lot in my past week and frankly what's the definition of it?

Is it someone who is particular about doing something utterly flawless or is it someone who's plain fussy and annoying, who expects everything to be done his or her way?

Reading The Time Magazine's complete coverage on Steve Jobs - The man who made a difference to the world!, the term "perfectionist" kept popping up almost in every alternate line of its articles.

Jobs apparently, was a known perfectionist by many. He was sometimes found to be difficult to work with because his expectations were, well, out of reach for most, I guess, but he is no doubt, amongst one of the most influential figures of the world.

To me, I believe, there's a distinct separation between a perfectionist and a pain in the arse - 'fuss puss'!

A fuss puss expects things to be done his or her way because they think that's exactly how it should be and no other way is good enough (more like no other way is what she or he has no clue of) and their way of doing things falls short from being anything but perfect. Where else a perfectionist is someone who fusses when there are flaws visible enough for common brains to improvise and make perfect something.

There's usually a misjudgement of a perfectionist to be a pain in someone else's neck, but that's not the problem of the expector of perfection I guess. Rather it is the problem of those who can't keep up with it.

Well, if you're going to do something, you do it with a 100% of yourself, if not, why bother?

The works of a perfectionist stands out and makes the difference, no doubt a perfectionist might not always be the one loved and favored by all, but I seriously doubt they'd barter trade their perfectionist gene for the mere approvals of a care-less sapient ;-)

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